September 9, 2005

The Kiddo's Shot

Today I took The Kiddo in for a physical and to make sure her shots were all up-to-date. They said she need a booster tetanus shot. Oh Jeeze did this freak her out! So I pinched her arm and said, "It would feel like that!" She didn't like that especially since the pinch left more of a mark than the shot did.
After she got her shot they told her to move her arm around and work it as much as possible. The Kiddo didn't understand why she had to work her arm so I gave her a fart analogy.
"When you first fart it smells when it is gathered together and then it dissipates through out the air and the smell goes away as it dissipates. It's similar with shots... It makes your arm sore when it is gathered together until the medication dissipates throughout your body"
I guess it is obvious by my recent blogs where my mind is stuck.