April 29, 2006

The Craigs List Dude!

So I met the Craigs List Dude for coffee on Sunday and it lasted two hours. He walked me to my car and asked me out for Friday night and I said yes. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and we parted ways to finalize Friday's plans during the week.
I wasn't originally attracted to him but I enjoyed his company and he seemed "Real". I sent him a text message that evening while he was at the Nationals game.

"I enjoyed meeting you today. I'm looking forward to Friday. Go Nats!"
I was surprised I never heard anything back but figured no biggie.
Wednesday night I sent him and email asking if we were still on for Friday night since I hadn't heard from him. I figured maybe he was just playing it cool.
Now it's Friday and I still haven't heard. I decided to try a text one more time.
"I will have to assume since I haven't heard back from you that you've changed your mind. That's too bad."
Still... no response.
I find it all very strange that this dude that I've crossed paths with before, but I hadn't been interested in, went to such lengths as to post an ad on Craigs List to meet me. Then to ask me out and then… NOTHING! It's just rude and makes no sense. I wasn't actively searching and suddenly this guy, who seemed nice, drops in my lap and craps all over me. He has a 17-year-old daughter and I tell you I'm sure he would be real pissed off if some guy pulled that crap on her.

They say women are confusing? Go figure. Maybe it's because I cheated that last week of Lent.