June 18, 2006

Fathers Day Weekend at the Beach

I’m at the beach this weekend. I love it here, the people can be so interesting.

I started early this morning doing some serious walking with the folks from the end of the boardwalk. I love watching the people. There were two girls with sparkly tops and their arms crossed. It was obvious… they were doing the walk of shame in the clothes there were wearing the night before. There are people on bikes of all types including the kiddies. The kids are out of control and all over the place.

The beginning of the boardwalk is like walking back in time. Along with all the rides this is where you will find things such as mullets and Farrah T-shirts. You could say it’s like a time warp back to 1977. Everyone down here drives a Camaro, has a comb in their back pocket and seventies music is playing on the Hurricane ride.

We finished our walk and got some lunch and I took a nap. I love weekends at the beach when you can take a nap. They are the best naps in the world and Mini Red is at her Dad’s so I have no worries.

After my nap I got up and headed to the beach. What a perfect day on the beach. It was hot but with a breeze. I love watching the people. It truly amazes me the amount of women that wear bikinis when they really shouldn’t. In one aspect I want to just cover my eyes and beg them to cover up. On the other hand I think, “Good for them to have the confidence to let it ALL hang out and believe me it ALL hangs out.”

There was this one group with a rather large girl in a bikini who was running all over the place horsing around with her skinny boyfriend. They looked like they were having a blast but her belly was hanging over her bikini bottoms. I tried to look away but it was like watching a car accident. You don’t want to look because it's so unappealing but your amazed at what the world puts before your eyes. I then noticed that everyone else on the beach was watching too with a bit of a stunned look.

It was a little after 4pm and I figured I should get back so I could go with the folks to happy hour on the bay. Dad was caught up in all his sports so Mom and I headed over and got a head start on our drinking. Dad soon showed up and joined us.

I won a Red Stoli Vodka visor from these two little hottie chicks in mini skirts. They were promoting Stoli’s newest Vodka… Blueberry Vodka. Mom decided to try this new Vodka, Dad was urging her so as to please the two hotties, with a Vodka and Tonic. It was pretty good too! Maybe Dad was just trying to get Mom drunk?

With Father’s Day coming up tomorrow we kept asking Dad what he wants to do for Father’s day. “Oh nothing nothing!” He would say. Now that we’re home, from happy hour, Mom and Dad are chilling on the couch letting their buzz wear off and Dad announces he knows what he wants for Father’s Day from Mom… “A Full body massage with oils and…” I plugged my ears and started singing.