June 7, 2006

How was your Day of Evil?

The Day of Evil started off well. Mini Red was having Maniac Day at school. This started with a book her class read this year called Maniac Magee. They were all dressing up weird and she wanted to do something funky with her hair. After she washed it I put all sorts of goop in it and dried it upside down. I then used extra strength hair spray and teased her hair. In the end we threw in a few ponytails in the front because I thought her hair was looking too good. She threw on a big t-shirt and some sweat pants with flops. Oh and I almost forgot her blue scarf. She looked so cute and comfortable… I was jealous.

All this fun quickly made me late and put Mini Red in a fun spazola mode. She was now useless to help me finish what needed to be done before we left. Maybe it was from the hairspray fumes? Or is it just because it's The Day of Evil? Hmmm?

I was dreading going to work with all our connectivity issues we've been having this week. I called the office on my way in to see how the system was working so maybe I could prepare myself. Damn this Day of Evil sixes! Our network got worse before it got better but finally everything was working (thanks IT Dudes), but then I had to leave.

Off to the Doctor, Oh Joy Oh Joy! Mom has been complaining "Honey you need to get your freckles checked because you don't have a man in your life to help keep an eye on them for you." Nice... real nice. I finally went in and had the full body check last week. Evidently, I have a freckle that may have turned to the dark side and now they need to take a piece of me. More joy for this Day of Evil. A needle and clip, clip on Red all in a place I can't reach. This is where Mini Red can redeem herself and be Momma's "Band-Aid Putter-Onner".

Oh Lord, I sound like one of those Grannies who says, "Honey come rub Granny's bunions and I'll give ya a big qwarter."

Now comes the exciting part of the day… I finally bought a laptop. Mom and I sat down to review specs and prices of Dell computers and we bought ourselves some computers. She says Dad's gonna Poop cause she's been shopping too much lately. I say, "Let's really make Dad Poop and buy mine for me!"

Next up for Red… A Bicycle! My 12 year old ten-speed is done for. I want to show Mini Red the paths I used to bike as a kid. I can't wait! Reds out biking.

Now all I need is a Sugar Daddy to track my freckles and buy my bicycle. I'm doing a speed dating thing on Thursday (terrifying) maybe I can find that Sugar Daddy there?

I guess The Day of Evil wasn't so bad after all.