June 3, 2006

I'm in Love with a Confederate Hellcat

It all started with getting my haircut. I had a twenty-minute wait so I ran to get my eyebrows waxed at the nail salon on the other side of the mall. I mentioned to the girl waxing my brows that I was getting my hair cut at the Robert Lewis Salon.

She says, "Oh you have to go to the Asian Guy. He is great! See look at my hair… he cut the layers in my hair and did the color and I look great, right?"

Her hair did look good but I told her I have a stylist.

She pushes, "Well if your stylist is out then you have to see the Asian Guy. He's the only guy there so you can't miss him."

I appease her and assure her I will definitely use him if my stylist is out and I just HAVE to get my hair cut.

I relayed this to Kim (my stylist) and she promptly started teasing him, since his station is behind hers. She tells me he has groupies in the nail salon. He laughs and agrees. This guy reminds me a lot of Ken. Ken used to work for my company and he would say things like "I'm always taking pictures cause I'm da Asian Guy"

Someone comes in and starts commenting on The Asian Guy's helmet. Kim tells me he just got a new motorcycle… A Confederate Hellcat.

I asked if it was a sport bike and she replies with and enthusiastic "NO! let me show you. I took a picture with my phone!"

"WOW! That's no sport bike… NICE!"

Mind you I'm looking at a fuzzy cell phone pic. I make a mental note to Google it. (God Bless Google)

I'm reminded of it the next day and Googled it. (click on photo for website)

OMG! This bike is not only sexy but I would almost dare to say it's erotic!

I'm perusing the site and saw a Click Here for more photos so I, of course, clicked there. OHHHHHH NOOOOOO! Tom Cruise!

BACK Button!

He scares me!

I click on the CM Cinema and they have a great video. Make sure your sound is on when you watch it.

I wonder how much these cost? There isn't a back seat so I might have to learn to drive a motorcycle then purchase one of these beautiful machines (dreaming). How much are they anyway? OMG! Ok that dream is over… MSRP is $67,500. I would say definitely worth the price its just outta this Chicks price range.

Then I find Sounds. Oh yeah this is nice. There are two… Revving and Passing. You have to listen.

I will be.