June 20, 2006

The Religious Jaywalker

In Old Town Alexandria a majority of the intersections don't have signs to tell you when you can and can't walk. You have to do it the old-fashioned way and look at the light and figure it out for yourself.

I park my car across the street from my office and as I was walking in I missed the light. No biggie since I'm in no rush to start my workweek. But there's this Dude, in a suit, who is walking down the street in my direction. He doesn't even look at the light and walks right into the middle of traffic. I'm amazed since there was a fair amount of traffic at this time of the morning.

This reminds me of what Velvet wrote recently about the crackdown on jaywalkers in D.C.

As he nears my side of the street, where I am patiently waiting for the light to change, I notice he's holding something out in front of him. He's holding a cross out in front of him as if it will protect him from the evil all around him. Is he testing his cross as he crosses against the light? I half expected him to hold it up to me to see if I would back down like a vampire.

I love this country where you can witness so many strange things and have the freedom to share your psychosis with the world on a daily basis.

A few of my favorite people who aren't afraid to be themselves are:

1. "Pink Mini Skirt Dude" He wears a pink miniskirt and half shirt and rides his bike up and down University Blvd while smoking cigarettes.

2. "Walking Man" He walks everywhere at a fast pace and has this horrible hair with one huge dread down the back. The dread must be at least three inches in diameter.

3. "The Grandma Dressing Man" I see him walking up Connecticut Avenue most mornings wearing grannie dresses that are very floral. He usually has some little floral thingy on his head too. The best part is he has a man's haircut and doesn't even attempt to walk any other way than like a frumpy man.
I feel so hum drum and normal. Thank goodness!