July 10, 2006

Drama of the Weekend

My sister is the least dramatic person I know but drama seems to envelop her and often. She has this friend (C-Girl) who seems to always be mad at her and blames her for a lot of BS.

I can’t tell you how many times my sister was at the Beach, where C-Girl lives, and my sister is afraid of C-Girl happening to see her and get mad that she wasn’t called. It wouldn’t even matter if my sister were with family only.

There was recently some drama C0Girl was upset with my sister yet she never gets mad at B-Girl, who is the worst friend in the world. She told my sister that she expected more of her. What the hell is that? Well, this drama was resolved and my sister was relived.

Now there is another drama which revolves around the fact that C-Girl cannot be responsible for her own actions and act like an adult. See C-Girl remained a virgin until she was 23. Once she lost it she seemed to have gone on a rampage. No problem, in my opinion, as long as she protected herself.

Well one night she drank a bit much and hooked up with C-Boy. C-Girl I might add initiated this, and she later regretted it. Not sure why she regretted it since I, recently, met this due and he seemed attractive enough.

Anyhow, my sister and I had the run of the beach place this weekend. I invited some friends and my sister brought her boyfriend and each invited a few friends to join. Well my sister invited C-Girl and C-Boy was invited by my sister’s boyfriend.

C-Girl came over Saturday afternoon and beached with us. At least until… she heard C-Boy was invited. Oye! She was not happy with that news. How dare my sister and her boyfriend invite him when they knew she was going to be present. My sister’s boyfriend is a straightforward type of guy and told her she needed to grow up. Well… that didn’t go over so well either. She wasn’t beaching with us long before she gathered her stuff and left.

What really irritates me is my sister is so sweet and will do anything for her friends and this girl has gone a bit far. I told my sister she need to let it go because this is no friend. But more importantly she shouldn’t let C-Girl ruin her weekend.

So C-Boy shows up and we all go out for happy hour. Just before we left my sister’s boyfriend realizes that C-Boy stuff is in my room and goes to move it but not before saying to me, “I guess C-Boy is shacking up with you tonight.” To which I replied, “Why not? Everyone else has shacked up with him!”