July 1, 2006

It just don’t get no better than this…

My car is in the shop and they were out of loaner cars.

“Would a Miata Convertible be ok?”

Red: “Duh… Yeah.”

“Oh and your car isn’t ready so would you mind keeping the convertible Miata for the weekend and your trip to the beach?”

Red: Duh… cool!
Start Saturday by riding a huge speedboat called the Rocket. Hit a cute little store for a sale then sitting on the beach reading as Mini Red plays in the ocean with brotha man. Come back to the condo to shower and sit down for steamed crabs but not before I hit up the Kegerator for a nice cold beer.

It just don’t get no better than eating beer and drinkin crabs.

Maybe next I'll be putting an ice cream sundae in this lactose intolerant body.