July 29, 2006

It’s Sooooo Short!

For some time now Mini Red has wanted her hair real short. Every time I take her to get her hair cut it just doesn’t seem to be short enough for her.

She has told me that she likes the idea of tricking people into thinking she is a boy. A little boy once asked her what she was, a boy or a girl, and she didn’t like that at all.

As a Mom I am here to guide but I have to make sure I don’t strangle who she is inside. So even though I am a long hair person I have been supportive of her want of short hair. The short hair has still had length until recently.

I took her to see Kim, our hairdresser, and the three of us discussed what Mini Red wants. As Kim is cutting I’m thinking, “Ahhh a lot is being cut off and it's looking like Flock of Seagulls!” This worries me and I fear the crying of “Oh no my hair!” Kim tells Mini Red to feel the back of her hair and her face went to a big O. She was thrilled and I am so happy she is happy but oye it’s really short!

I took a photo with my phone and sent it to her father who was less than thrilled but he too understands that Mini Red is at an age where she is making more and more of her own decisions. However, his wife is frustrated since she is trying to grow her long hair back after dealing with chemo and here Mini Red cuts all hers off.

What I finally understood is she didn’t want to look like a boy but amaze people how nice she looks with short hair. She also tells me that she wants something different than all the other girls. So when people see her hair they realize she walks to the beat of her own drummer.

It’s gonna take some time for me to get used to it but I’m glad she is happy with it. She understands that I need to get used to it but I have stressed that what is important is she is happy with it no matter what anyone says including her parents.