July 16, 2006

Maybe I'm not made of Steel

Last night Mini Red and I watched Steele Magnolias. Steele Magnolias is a definite tearjerker but I don’t think I’ve sat down and watched it all the way through since I had Mini Red.

Julia Roberts looked so young and it was obvious it was made in the 80’s because of the shoulder puffiness. It’s amazing the memories this movie brings back. I was married and living in Waldorf when Steele Magnolias was released. The theater is no longer there; I believe it’s a Bed Bath & Beyond now. He actually wanted to see it too but even more unbelievable was he cried too. You could hear the sniffles throughout the theater because everyone was crying.

I’m not a crier and rarely cry at movies but I was feeling the mother daughter thing I guess. My eyes were red and puffy by the time the movie was over and so was Mini Red's. Maybe I’m just PMSing? I need to go check my calendar.

This morning the original Superman, with Christopher Reeve, was on. This was really cool to watch since Mini Red and I are going to see Superman Returns tomorrow. She had never seen it before and loved it. I remember when it came out in theaters and we thought the special effects were so cool. The thought of Christopher Reeve and the direction his life took and the accident he suffered brought tears to my eyes.

I’ve stayed tuned in to Christopher Reeve since his accident. He did so much to lobby for new research for spinal cord injuries. This is especially important to my family since my cousin’s life changed due to his injury that has left him paralyzed. Neither of these men has let their injuries slow them down. Christopher Reeve’s paralysis was extremely bad and took any mobility from him yet he was still very active. My cousin had a promising football career and was very physically active. He lost the use of his legs but turned his life in a different direction and is now a lawyer.

My cousin is my inspiration. Anytime I may be having a tough time in my life I just think of him and realize anything I’m dealing with is nothing compared to what he has dealt with. A prime example is my divorce, countless times I would think of my cousin and I would be reminded that if he could deal with his then I could deal with mine.

Ok so now maybe you can see why watching Superman made me verklempt.

I guess you could say I haven’t been made of steel lately like the Magnolias or Superman