August 18, 2006

A Little Bit O Dis and A Little Bit O Dat

- I’m driving down the road and a car turns onto my road as if I’m not driving here and I’m terrified they are coming into my lane. I turn to Mini Red and say “Did I turn on the cloaking device? I don’t remember doing that!”

- When I was on vacation I think my OCD went on vacation too. My room was a mess, I was lucky if I made my bed and it definitely wasn't perfect when I did and I didn’t even check the clock before pulling my first beer of the day from the kegerator.

- Mom has found a way to save her feet from getting burned on the hot sand at the beach. She wears socks! She’ll wear them with her sandals til she hits the beach then just the socks and the same in reverse when coming off the beach. It looks real dorky but I love that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks and does what she wants to do.

- When I was in Hawaii last year I picked up this Hawaiian shirt for my Dad. The color suits him and it’s very soft but it definitely isn’t his style to wear a Hawaiian shirt. I envisioned him wearing this one to the happy hours at the beach. It tickles my fancy to no end when I have seen him wear it twice. He will never say much about it in front of me because that’s the way he is, but he talked to Mom about washing it because he didn’t want the washing machine to ruin it. Then when we were all at happy hour he was telling my brother how soft this shirt is.

-Nicole is back in town for a week and it’s like she never left. The conversations we have are so amusing. I found a little framed print I thought she might like. I told her I saw it and bought it unlike when something is sought then bought. She continued this with, “Sometimes things are Thought, Sought and Bought.” Maybe we are the only ones who find this amusing.

- My friends and I were going through clothes to give to a charity and we came across a blouse with a side zipper. My one friend said, “What’s with the zipper it has no function.” My other friend and I giggled and said, “We need to unzip it to put the shirt on.” She raised her eyebrows and said “Hmmm, I just slip it right on.” What a Sex In The City moment.

- Did you know this is Elvis week? August 16th marks the 29th anniversary of Elvis’s death.

- I’m tired and Mini Red’s starting middle school soon (aaaggghhh!). Forgive me if there's a lack of posts.