September 1, 2006

A Mid-Week Night Out

Wednesday was the big night… Baltimore’s Funniest Person at the Baltimore Comedy Factory. My Sister and her Boyfriend arrived and we all ate lasagna. I have to admit it was pretty good even without the fresh garlic.

My Sister was going with me to the comedy club and The Boyfriend was babysitting. I told The Boyfriend that Mini Red’s bedtime is nine but since it's a special occasion later is ok. As a Mom I understand that I’m the strict one but when others come in, like The Boyfriend, I almost expect them to let her break the (minor) rules and that helps them bond. Plus if I get a special night out why shouldn't she get some perk for the lapse in routine.

Baltimore is not a fun place to drive. I got directions from online and gave them to Sis to direct us. The directions said to take the MLK exit and then take the Conway exit. Ummmm there was no Conway exit. We ended up in the worst part of town and it was a bit unnerving. I pride myself on having a good sense of direction but my Sister had that part down this night. We made a left and as we drove through this neighborhood I was scared. At a stop sign Sis saw some police but I refused to stop. I hadn’t seen them and just wanted to get out of there and fast. We saw a mainstream street and hit that. This street took us back into the city. At this point it’s about 8pm and I’m sure they won’t let us in. We drove down one street and as we were getting into another bad part of town we came across Lombard Street and headed back into town. Wahoo! We found it! Finally! We parked around the corner in a garage and I was ready for a beer.

We walked in and the show hadn’t started. Adam a/k/a YDH was in his zone so I just tapped him, waved and walked on. I introduced my sister to many of my co-workers before the lights went down. There was a great turn out from our office and Adam has lots of friends who came to support him.

The first guy gets up there and talks about how he hasn’t done stand up in 14 years because he was married. He talked about divorce and dating again and dating via the internet. I think most of my co-workers turned around to look at me when he mentioned My sister thought this was hilarious. Ok… so I did the online dating, who hasn’t these days?

The show was great and Adam did great. He was a little nervous at first but he got hold of it and took off. In the end we all voted and Adam got second place. He will be performing again and I can’t wait to go again.

We were out of the club before 10pm and worked our way to the B/W Parkway. Our next stop was Ra’s house so we could be at the house with the kids and Ra could go visit her husband in the hospital. They have no idea what is wrong with him. They have tested for Lime Disease, West Nile and Malaria… all with negative results. They are waiting to get the results from the spinal tap to see if he has Meningitis. I really hope they figure this out soon. Anyhow, she tells us to never mind because her neighbor helped her out earlier in the day and family was on their way from Canada to help her out. She sounded much calmer and that is such a relief. I wish I could have been more help but between work and Mini Red and her kids schedules nothing seemed to work.

We got home about 10:30 and it wasn’t difficult to figure out Mini Red was faking sleep on the couch. Mini Red and The Boyfriend had fun. They watched The Adventures in Babysitting and Mini Red pointed out all the Chicago sites from our visit there.

We didn’t want to get up in the morning but we got moving with our typical routine. Me getting ready hollering at Mini Red reminding her of everything she needs to do. We were right on time… or so we thought. Mini Red suddenly stopped and said “7:22!” AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

The bus picks her up at 7:15. Talk about putting us in panic mode. I drove her to school and we were still trying to figure out where both of us lost track of an hour. She signed in as late because, of course, everything under the sun got in our way of getting there in a timely fashion. They asked for the reason for the tardiness and I said, “Pillow fight, Mom, alarms, Mom, traffic, Mom, trash pick up truck and… Mom!” They laughed and Mini Red told me when she got home that this one won’t count. This is a relief since three tardys and she gets detention.

At work I congratulated Adam on his performance and what is up next for him. I told him about The Boyfriend babysitting and he offered to do the same sometime. Mini Red is such a cool kid and at such a fun age. I’m sure she would love to hang with Adam, since his desk is one she primarily hangs at when she comes to the office. I’ll never forget the day he made Mini Red his secretary. She was answering his phone and delivering notes to other office mates for him.

Tonight Mini Red and I were both beat and chilled out and watched a movie. Mini Red got the best idea and grabbed what was left of the vanilla ice cream and two spoons. I suggested she throw some raspberries and blackberries in there. It was the best way to end the day.