August 24, 2006

School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days

Today brings another reality to remind me of my age. Mini Red had orientation for Middle School. Yes MIDDLE SCHOOL! I am old enough to have a child in MIDDLE SCHOOL!

This is not your regular Elementary School days. These next three years are getting her ready for High School then College. Oye I need to slow down.

So we walked to the bus stop and she was the only girl, but then again today was only for 6th graders and new students. I was the only parent but soon another parent drove by and hollered at her son to introduce himself to Mini Red. One of the boys she knew from last year said, “Your boyfriend isn’t gonna like your haircut.” I had to laugh but I tried to stay back outta the way and let the kids do their thing cause I wasn’t leaving til I saw her get on the bus. Maybe my new name should be Nervous Nelly, especially, when it comes to Mini Red?

Mini Red and I have already discussed how important this year is for her. This is the year that she will set precedence with her school work. If she works hard then the rest of Middle School and even High School can be easier for her. Thanks goodness I have Mom to help this year.

I walked back realizing it was always hard to put her on that bus but it was getting easier. Maybe I shouldn’t be so worried this year.

I got back to find Kima stretched out over her food, which was newly placed in her tank. I stopped and looked again and realized she was pooping. This was fascinating since no openings are visible on a lizard. I didn’t want to embarrass her so I tried to hang back where she wouldn’t see me since Kima has always tended to be modest with these sorts of things. You know… this is like a naked in public nightmare that Kima could experience if she sees me.

BUSTED! She saw me so I walked on to let her finish. Ok fascination is now over and I just can’t understand why she keeps pooping in her food. I guess tomorrow I’ll add some fruit for variety. On another note… her poop is gawd awful smelling. I know most poops are but this little lizard can clear out a place with the stink she produces. I had to clean it out as soon as possible and make sure no crickets came out with the food and poop. The crickets are sneaky little creatures and Kima hadn’t eaten her morning dose. This is odd since she usually eats them within the first few seconds of them arriving in her abode.

I went back to the bus stop around noon to wait for Mini Red. When the bus arrived she ran and almost knocked me over when she jumped on me. I decided to treat her lunch at the new place up the street, The Big Pickle. There had been some question over the name of the place, by the people in the town, but I like it. I saw lots of faces I hadn’t seen in a while and my sandwich was wrong but it was good none-the-less. I promised Mini Red we’ll go back sometime soon for ice cream.

As we were waiting for our sandwiches I talked to Mini Red about what she and I needed to accomplish today. Some chores need to be done along with packing so we can run out and get a few items still necessary for the first day of school. This is our last chance since we will be gone this weekend. Plus there is something else I want to check out. I hate mentioning it to her because she will go crazy but I started looking at phones yesterday online. I had always said she would never get a phone before she was 13 but with some new issues with her Dad I would feel safer if she could contact me for any reason. I found a Migo that might work well but we’re going to go to a store and talk to a live person about adding this line to my plan. What I really like is there is this feature called Chaperone Capable, which is like LoJack for your kid. I can dig it! I can’t think of a better way to let your kid have more freedom and responsibility but securely.