September 18, 2006

It was an Irish / Scottish / Football kinda weekend

Friday, I was trying to figure out if I was gonna make the Bloggers Happy Hour. By the time I got outta work it was too late because I still had other plans for the evening. Sorry Thom I know your living vicariously through me and really wanted me to make sure Velvet isn’t shutting down her blog. Don’t worry I don’t think she's ready to do that yet.

Since Scythian was playing at Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle Shortie and her Sister came out from Virginia to check em out. We had a great night and Scythian was awesome as usual. For more detail on our night and our stalker, Mr. PC, psuacoustician already did a great job of detailing the evening.

Saturday, I drove out to Virginia and Shortie and I went to Virginia Scottish Games. It was sprinkling but the forecast said it was going to clear up. Umm nope. It got worse before it got better but I believe that was part of the fun.

This year they moved the location and scaled it down to one day rather than two. I was disappointed there weren’t better bands and the program I bought was nearly useless. Shortie and I wanted to see the games but the program had virtually no information and there were no times set for these games. We ran into another friend who told us the Caber Toss was starting soon. We decided to grab a bite to eat before heading over. Shortie was jonesing for a meat pie and I decided to try a Bridie.

The Caber Toss had already started by the time we arrived, but we were still able to procure a good spot to watch. The first few competitors had difficulty balancing the 110 lb pole and it fell backwards. There were three rounds so if a competitor dropped the caber he would have another chance in the next round. One guy would get himself all siked up on the sidelines but he dropped it backwards twice and barely got it thrown on his third try. I felt bad for him but watching this competition I couldn’t help but think how phallic it all was. As if the man was trying to obtain an erection for the big prize to cum to fruition with the big orgasm. All this with a crowd cheering him on to boot. Ok so we know where my mind has been. Hey, if you’re a chick that has a thing for dudes’ legs well… this was the place to be.

As we were watching the Caber Toss these two guys moved in front of us. They start talking to this woman about the rules and how the object is to flip the caber 180 degrees. One of the guys says, “I tried to flip my wife once.” The woman said, “But did you flip her?” to which he replied, “Oh Yeah! I flipped her!”

It started to rain and rain good while we were watching so we decided to move along and maybe take cover and listen to the Pipes and Drums. There really wasn’t much cover but at least I brought an umbrella. Shortie and I shared the umbrella and as we walked into the Pipes and Drums area and we realized we were walking in cadence. The Bagpipes are such a cool instrument and walking through this area with so many practicing it was a really cool sound. When they get in line and the drums start up it just sends a nice little shock through ya. I was in my Celtic mode. Yes I know this was a Scottish thing but they have similarities. My Celtic heritage may only be ¼th but it all comes out in these arenas.

The rain cleared up and we watched some of the dance competition and a show before moving back around to find more games going on. Weight Over The Bar was in full swing. You would think you wouldn’t get so into it just watching but you do. The audience was fired up, probably from drinking during the rain. They were cheering on the competitors and everyone was getting fired up. It was down to two guys Beau and Drew. Drew stepped up and threw the weight over the 16 foot high bar on his first try. Beau came up and on his first try it didn’t make it. The second try he hit the bar but it didn’t make it over. The third try he made it and the cheers were deafening. Drew was the clear winner. They took the bar up another foot and Drew had three chances to get it over 17 feet. He did it on the first try. Shortie and I were done for the day so we hopped aboard the shuttle and went home.

On my way home I called Brotha-Man. He and SIL were at Bailey’s Pub and Grille in Germantown watching College Football. This was the best place to watch the three games he wanted to see and all at the same time. I drove up to Germantown and met up with them. Michigan was playing Notre Dame and this was the big game. All the dudes were real excited over this game. I had a bite to eat before we decided we were done there. I hit the restroom where there was a lady who was fascinated by the mouthwash dispenser. As soon as she walked out the door I took a swig. Every bar needs one of these suckers. Now back to Brotha Man’s for the Clemson vs FSU game. Brotha Man and SIL met in college at Clemson so any Clemson game was big and there was all sorts of trash talk between he and his friends. I love seeing him like this.

I got the tour of the the renovations going on in his Man Room. He picked a Masters Green and a wainscoting. It was impressive and I can’t wait to see it when it’s done. He was watching the game in the Man Room, which was in quite a state considering it was mid renovation. SIL and I were flipping channels upstairs watching shows such as Dog, The Bounty Hunter. Our conversation seemed to be primarily about Beth’s boobs and if they were real. They were mighty jiggly if they were fake.

Suddenly, we hear Brotha Man yelling at FSU, “OH YEAH! You’re exposed like a girl on prom night!” Clemson turned it around and came from behind to win the game. He was in his happy place. He called his friend and held the phone up to the speaker as the Clemson fight song played. Brotha Man says I was the good luck and must be present with them at their house for every Clemson game from now on.

It was a long day! I left home at 10:30 in the morning and didn’t get back til midnight. I love days like these.