September 25, 2006

The Sleepover and the Crabs!

I was so excited for the weekend. I feel like I've just been so exhausted lately and can't get up in the morning. Maybe once Daylight Savings Time kicks in it will help but that's a month away and lately Mini Red and I just can't seem to get up. I was looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday but that got thwarted (I love that word… thwart! Hehehe).

Mini Red has been begging to have her friends (two sisters) sleep over but schedules haven't allowed it. I think it also gets difficult for their Mom since their Dad is active duty Navy and he's been away. Who wants to be home alone? So I suggested they come by and I'll order pizza and us Moms can have some wine and visit. Everyone was happy and we all had a great time.

The older sister had a class Saturday morning so I had to get her up early so no sleeping in for me. I got up and fixed chocolate chip pancakes for all the girls. It's difficult when Mini Red has friends over because the apartment is so small, but then again the last apartment was even smaller and it was difficult and rare to have friends over there. So I hear when they aren't agreeing and I try to stay out of it but sometimes they get unreasonable. So I hide in my bedroom.

I got some laundry done, since I had been putting it off, before we headed out to the crab feast at Tori and D's. We left later than expected and arrived at their place around 3pm. I have never walked into someone's home and felt so comfortable right off the bat. They had several tables set up for the crab picking and one was in full swing. I was looking for the beers so I could sit down and join in. These crabs were HUGE and Meaty!!!! Yumm yumm. I have to say… my table had the best spot to pick crabs because we could see the TV and College Football was on.

Clemson kicked some ASS!! I know Brotha-Man was happy.

Ok so back to the crabs… I love picking crabs and Shortie noticed how different everyone is when they pick their crabs. Stephanie had a little bowl she would put all her crabmeat in and when it was full she would add a little butter and Old Bay then eat it. I agreed with Liz when she expressed her awe in Stephanie's self control. Liz and I would eat the meat as we got it and enjoyed the instant gratification.

Everyone shared their expertise in picking crabs. A few years ago I learned a trick to get the best bang for my mallet and knife when getting the meat from the crab legs. The crab legs have never been my favorite and they were piling up in front of me. So I did my little trick and I would offer up the legs to Karen who was enjoying the fruit my labor. Everyone was asking how I was getting the leg meat like I was so Red gave a lesson in crab legs as others joined from the other table. When I pulled out the crabmeat, in my little demonstration, everyone burst into cheers. I was startled by the response and everyone soon dispersed to have a go at it.

Mini Red didn't pick but two crabs before exploring the house. She played pool and got to know the four dogs well. Tori and D couldn't get over how well-mannered Mini Red is. She was very polite and would ask before touching anything like the pool table and she could tell all the dogs apart. I think the Dogs was Mini Red most fun part. But most of all they were impressed that Mini Red was having fun and there were no other kids.

People started leaving around 7 and I figured we wouldn't be staying late but I had two beers with my crabs earlier and wanted to make sure it wore off. Mini Red was having fun with the dogs and Na'Imah and her cousin just arrived.

Na'Imah's cousin is nearly divorced so a discussion ensued. We discussed the exes and our situations but the biggest discussion was about dating. How long to wait all depended on her own situation but I gave her some of my horror stories. Some at the table knew of my blog and quickly informed the others. Poor William was the only dude there at this point and I think he just got disgusted at his fellow man after hearing some of my stories.

William quickly befriended Mini Red and was amazed at her knowledge of Greek Mythology considering her age. He warned me I'm in big trouble because Mini Red is an amazingly intelligent little girl. I had no idea the length of knowledge she had on this subject. I guess it's a good thing I have her read before bedtime.

When we left it was almost 9:30 and Mini Red was so tired. We had such a great time and can't wait to do it again. Tori and D mentioned something about a party around the holidays. Yeah!!!