September 21, 2006

Tests, Police and the Zen life

This morning I was going to run and take my assessment test at the college but realized I would lose less work time if I went in the afternoon. So I turned around and cut through one of the neighborhoods. Up ahead I see a line of kids in the street. I know they are Mini Red’s classmates and I stayed my course. They start doing the Macarena in the street and the kids on the side of the street are doing it too. WTF?!?! They move out of the street with plenty of time to spare so I gave them the Queen Wave as I passed. They ALL waved back.

Work has had me a bit stressed lately so when Shortie asked me to go with her to pick up her badge for Capitol Police I said “Sure”. The building is on South Capitol and we had to drive around Robins Hood’s hood to get there. Thank goodness she knew where she was going because the traffic lights in D.C can be confusing as hell, especially with all the construction.

We arrived at the police station and as Shortie had suspected there was no parking. It would be ridiculous to pay $7 at the nearest lot when it took maybe all of 5 minutes for her run in for her badge. She doubled parked and ran down the street leaving me in the car. Her running down the street attracted all sorts of attention. One officer hollered, “Why are you running?” She yelled back, with her arms flailing, “I have to get my badge!” Another SUV full of officers yelled to the first officer, “Why is she running?” To which he replied, “She needs to get her badge!”

Meanwhile, I’m in the car and there are officers everywhere so I circled the parking area once and decided to go back to where it says NO PARKING, OFFICIAL VEHICLES ONLY! This was the only place open to double park the car. I sat there and waved at an officer before he got in his car and drove away. I mean really, what can they do? Give Shortie a ticket for double parking outside a police station where she has official business?

I left work a little early to take my assessment test. If I didn't do it soon I never would and I need to keep this momentum going. When I arrived The Dude at the desk was getting my information when Ms. Negativity came up. She said it was too late to take the test even for late starting classes. I said, "It took me twenty years to get here to take this test. Please don't turn me away." She smiled and seemed to understand and told The Dude she would set me up in the room for my testing. I was looking forward to the math portion. I did the reading / comprehension and then got to the math. Oye! It was awful. I guess I forgot a lot now twenty years later. Oh well! I look forward to the math class. I’ve been reviewing the classes for the direction I want to go and I’m so excited. Even for the required classes like Math and English.

Mini Red and I are in the midst of cleaning up and cleaning out. We are moving furniture in her room and working on a more Zen like atmosphere in our home. Mom wants to have a yard sale soon so I told Mini Red this is her chance to purge and she gets to keep the money made from her stuff. Next thing is to get more up on the walls, for this I need the folks help. I hate putting holes in the wall especially those anchor thingies for fear knocking a big hole in the wall.

Mini Red has taken the Zen thing a bit further and set up a temporary corner where she can meditate. She has a big pillow to sit on. Last night I could hear her doing her ohm sounds then ring a bell. I would think the bell would disrupt her meditation but she seems to enjoy it.

Last night I chucked so much stuff and have trash bags full of clothes to donate. It felt good taking out the trash this morning. This weekend we’ll get the Feng Shui book. I’m feeling Zen like already.