September 12, 2006

You know it's going to be a good day when…

I'm on my way to work with Mini Red in the car. School is closed for Election Day and we are leaving an hour later than usual.

But today instead of burying herself in a video game or book (I have no problem with the book) she is paying attention to what I see everyday. We are driving down Connecticut Avenue and just before the circle there are police lights. Mini Red looks and reports to me the situation. Our deal is I drive and she looks so we don't slow down traffic. I hate rubberneckers so if I'm by myself I just don't look.

We have just passed UDC at Van Ness and I'm sipping my coffee when I see it. It has been so long! I motion to Mini Red with coffee in hand and mouth full. She says, "Was that Grandma Dressing Man?" I say, "YES! That was him in his turquoise suit with skirt."

I was so excited since I haven't seen him in so long. Mini Red was excited too. She had heard of him but never seen him. We did a high five as I exclaimed, "This shall be a GREAT Day! For we have seen Grandma Dressing Man." We car danced and we were happy.

Mini Red pointed out all the monuments and I learned that she hasn't been most of them. She tells me she has only seen them on TV. I now have a mission to rectify that. She was happy to hear I haven't been in the Washington Monument either. I guess when you live in the middle of it all you take it for granted.

Well isn't that a hoot… I just noticed my calendar and the Life's Little Instruction for today is "Visit your town's historical sites." Maybe we'll hit the Lincoln Memorial on the way home from work.