October 25, 2006

You're too funny!

Trish and I were having a conversation, about something I can't remember, when I said, "You're too funny!"

This led Trish to say, "You know Red… how come I get the feeling that when you say "You're too funny" what you're really saying is "You're such an idiot"?

I just laughed and for the rest of the day whenever I could I would say, "Trish, you're too funny".

I got to thinking about this and realized I say this a lot and to a lot of people. Trish might be on to something because whenever I don't know what to say or my ADD kicks in and I'm not really listening I tend to say, "You're too funny" or "That's too funny".

I know for sure I have used this on bad past dates and but just realized that Trish is right. What I was really saying to those guys was, "You're such an idiot".