November 27, 2006

This might explain why I was losing my mind

Saturday I was a bit of a bum. I did some research to find out which hospital my Aunt was in since I hadn't heard much since Friday. I found out where she was and finally got in touch with her. Of course I was calling to find out how she was but she was intent on asking how Mini Red and I were and about our Thanksgiving. I told her we were fine but the big question at hand was how she was doing but she didn't want to talk about herself. She sounded so weak but at least she was very alert. We didn't talk for long but I felt better having talked to her. I did some more looking and found the number to the nurses' station and talked to her nurse, Larry, who tells me it was a mild stroke. At least now they know to call me, heaven forbid, anything happens. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes.

I finally got out to pick up a few gifts but really wasn't into it so I headed down the road for a bite to eat and to catch a movie. Saturday night is date night so I was taking myself out. Potbelly's is next to the Regal Theater in Rockville so I grabbed a sandwich and listened to some of the live music before I headed into the theater. I debated which movie to see and even though I've wanted to see The Fountain the reviews weren't good and I was in no mood for a bad movie. I decided on Casino Royale cause I've heard good things and what could go wrong with and action packed Bond movie?
When going to a movie popcorn is a must so I decided to get a small and a bottle of water. I looked up to notice the dude behind the counter was staring. They all tend to stare when a cute chick, like me, is out on a Saturday night alone but I really don't give a damn. If I waited for someone to go to the movies with me, on my schedule, then I would never go. So the dude getting my popcorn finally says, "Is that your natural hair color?"

"Yup.", I said.

He then says, "That's cool!"

I told him, "Now you're supposed to tell me how nice it is."

To which he replied, very enthusiastically, "It's awesome!"

We both laughed. At least I could break up some of his monotony behind that counter.

I found a seat I was happy with and figured the theater wouldn't be that crowded since the movie had been out for at least a week, I think. I was wrong cause it was packed. There were a lot of older couples and the dudes were obvious about trying to impress their dates. I could smell the cologne on the gentleman next to me. Thank goodness it wasn't bad but I will forever associate that smell with Daniel Craig, the actor who played Bond. Then there was the gentleman behind me who kept making comments he thought were witty but in reality they sounded idiotic. Things like, "I gotta get me one of those" in referring to a Bond gadget or, "I hate when that happens" when the guy finds a hot chick in his room. On my right was a little boy who was there with his parents. I was surprised to hear him use the word "ass" and his parents said nothing. His mother talked through most of the move asking why this and why that. Oye!

I sometimes prefer going to movies alone because there is no one to bother me with talking through out but how do you shut up the strangers?

By the time the movie was over and I got out of there I wasn't feeling so well. I couldn't help but think of the scene in the movie Outbreak where someone coughs in the movie theater and everyone gets sick and dies. Then again I kinda suspected something was on it way since I haven't slept well lately and I've had really crazy dreams. My suspicions were confirmed when I woke this morning sick as a dawg.

I've spent most of the day sleeping and I've just put on one boring movie after another to fall asleep to. It wasn't til 4pm that I've finally managed to stay awake for longer than and hour. Thank goodness Mini Red was being brought home by her Dad this time because I don't think I could have made the drive to get her.

It's time for more medicine. I just hope I feel better by tomorrow cause I have deadlines to meet at work