December 11, 2006

The Successful All Holiday Blog Celebration

Friday was the All Holiday Blog Celebration at the Science Club. So if you’re a Blogger in the DC area and you missed then you missed a lot.

Mrs. M and I got a late start since we had to drop Mini Red off at her school dance. We got off the metro and hoofed it through the bitter cold. It was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. We arrived and found Velvet and Scarlett just inside the door. This is when I realized my face was frozen.

All the bloggers were in the back in an area called “The Lab” but Mrs. M and I needed a drink to thaw us out. We moved to the back and found the host, I-66, along with many other bloggers. I finally got to meet FreckledK and later on Kathryn showed. This was the first time I had really talked to her since my first HH back in August. Home Improvement Ninja organized a 50/50 raffle for Manna and let the Birthday Girl, Kassy, announce the winner. I-66 organized the superlatives and urged the voting at the HH. I’m surprised the results were in as soon as they were. Good job Dude!

For me the Blogger Happy Hours are not complete without my favorite Blogger dudes JoeLogon, Hammer or the ever studly VK. Oh and I must say I disagree with Velvet because I thought Home Improvement Ninja’s sweater was very festive not gay. Lots of new people were in attendance and I just wish I could have talked with them all. One of the new people I really enjoyed meeting is the ever famous KOB from DCBlogs who I’ve heard so much about.

Throughout the night various people, non-bloggers, would walk to the back, push through us all and realize it went nowhere. It reminded me of mice in a maze “Oh no we went the wrong way. These are bloggers! Turn around quick before someone notices us!”

The night ended with another hug demonstration from Hammer. It was another fabulous Blogger Happy Hour and I send kudos to our ever fabulous Social Chairman, I-66.
See you guys next year! Hahahaha