December 21, 2006

The Winter Concert

Ok so I'm a little behind but I've been busy. It this holiday thingy coming up and a big fat man is coming for a visit.

First I gotta tell ya that Aunt Dot is leaving the Rehab Hospital on Friday. I spoke with her today and I was amazed at how good she is sounding. She's a bit confused and asked me what day it is several times but that's ok.

Anyhow, last Thursday (the 14th) was Mini Red's Winter Concert. I was dreading it because it's been a fight to get her to practice her violin and then it's usually a rough start, which involves a lot of ear piercing squeaking.

The 6th Grade Orchestra was to play The Hallelujah Chorus and The Dreidel and they did a fabulous job! There was NO squeaking and I was so proud. These events are getting easier and easier as she gets older and all the kids get better at this. On top of Mini Red playing so well the Chorus was awesome to listen to. My Mom and Sister agreed.

I was dreading going to this concert for more than squeaky playing though:

1. FN* was going to be there with his family. Lately, dealing with him has been ridiculous. No taking or returning my calls and, supposedly, not receiving my emails. Then claiming I told him nothing of Mini Red's events after I have created this very detailed calendar for him to follow all of her events for the year. In short... Fookin frustrating the hell outta me.

Result: He was bearable and I had a nice conversation with his wife about Mini Red. I was thankful I didn’t have to sit with them.

2. The last big concert was last year where the 5th graders came to the Middle School for what is called a Cluster Concert between the schools. I got cornered by the Mother of a girl who had been causing trouble with Mini Red. I'm the type of person to avoid any confrontation and I know my Mini Red and she has a tendency to cause some trouble but this woman went over the line and out came my temper. I got back in her face and assured her she had a lot of wrong information from her Devil Child and that she might just want to recheck her information. Meanwhile FN* was standing nearby at the ready if necessary. Ends up there were a lot of details I was unaware of with this Devil Child but her doped up mother DID NOT have correct information.
Anyhow, there’s been recent activity from the Devil Child where the she punched Mini Red in the stomach. Yeah I know… Can you imagine how livid I was with this information? Seems there was information Mini Red was keeping from me just as the previous time. The Devil Child came back and apologized the next day, but I was bugging Mini Red continuously to make sure she wasn't keeping anything from me just in case the Devil Child's mother cornered me again. I hate being unprepared.

Result: The Devil Child and her mother left the concert early. I think that family is getting a reputation.

All in all I have renewed faith in these events and I was glad my Mom and Sister were there for backup. Don't worry about Mini Red I have encouraged her to listen to her Father and cousin when they give her tips to defend herself and I will back her up.

* Please note: Ex husband hence forth known as Fuck Nuts a/k/a FN.