January 4, 2007

Chicago Part I

Last Thursday we headed to Chicago. The flight was uneventful but Mini Red enjoyed her window seat.

Kate picked us up from the airport and we all headed downtown. We met up with Nicole before Kate, Mini Red and I spent the afternoon shopping.

Downtown Chicago was so crowded due to the after-holiday sales. Mini Red was aching to get to The American Girl Place but that wouldn’t be until the next day, which couldn’t come soon enough for her.

Friday morning we took the Metra Train into town with Nicole. First thing first and Mini Red and I headed to the American Girl Place. Walking down the Magnificent Mile was beautiful and there were huge lines outside all the stores with people anxious for the sales. With every step Mini Red got more and more excited because she has wanted a doll for a while now and this was so much better than getting one in the mail.

It didn’t take long to find the red haired doll with the green eyes. It did take a bit longer to find the 2 outfits I promised. We made the purchases and went to find a seat so Mini Red could dress her. She decided on the name of Isolde which seemed to fit. We perused the rest of the store and left just as it was getting crazy.
Next stop is the Original Cheesecake Factory in the John Hancock Building. We walked back down the Magnificent Mile to drop off some of our purchases before the next leg of our day in downtown Chicago. I can’t get enough of how beautiful the buildings are not to mention how tall they are. As we were walking down Wacker Street I can’t help but stare at this one building that looks like honeycombs. The parking garage is at least 15 stories high and the cars always look as if they could just drive off the building. Guess what we saw when we looked up at the building this time?


I was amazed but baffled how someone could do this and the car not fall. I would imagine the driver would have shit their pants.

Isn’t it ironic it was right above that ad for Allstate? The car looks like it’s secured.

Dammit! It’s an ad! A very impressive ad but I was disappointed. I was really hoping it was the result of a stoopid person.

Later in the evening I was taking pictures and trying to capture the night sky and the beautiful lights. I noticed I captured the dangling car and the lights were on. Can you see it?