January 28, 2007

The Washington Auto Show

After work I rushed home to pick up Mini Red so we could pick up the tickets, from the dealership and get on our way. My goal was to get to the Auto show by 7pm, if we were lucky.

As luck would have it we got there by 6:30. We immediately got in line to ride in the Jeeps and thank goodness the line wasn’t too bad and we only had to wait about 35 minutes.

As we stood there watching the Jeeps drive by it was noticed that the Cherokee bumper was scraping as it came down the last hill. As it got closer to our turn I counted and realized we would have the Cherokee with the messed up bumper. The two dudes behind us were happy they weren’t going to be in the Cherokee. As the Jeeps pulled up they asked Mini Red and I if we would like to double up with the people in front of us and ride in the open Rubicon. We were more than happy to as to avoid the messed up bumper car. The dudes behind us were pissed. In hindsight I don’t see why it would matter about the bumper but in our 35 minutes in line it’s as if it became a status thing. The ride was really cool so I suggest doing this if you can.

We moved along to see the other cars. Scion is always giving away something and Mini Red loves that. We sat in one of those odd boxy cars and it just didn’t even seem like a car.

We mulled around and came across the Lamborghinis and the classic cars. Some of the specialty cars had these scantily clad women hanging all over them. There was this one chick that was all made up with a short skirt and a very small top. I just couldn’t get over the muffin top she had considering she was a skinny girl. Just didn’t make no damn sense to me.

We moved to the upper level where we could check out Ford, Cadillac, Mazda and Pontiac to name a few. We had only 30 minutes until the show closed.

The first stop was Mini Red’s favorite, the Hummer. We sat in three with her driver’s seat. Next stop was Pontiac because I wanted to see the G6 convertible and if there was much of a change for the 2007. I asked to see the trunk of the convertible out of curiosity and was surprised to see it’s nearly unusable when the top is down because it’s hard top moves into the trunk. The thing I love about my G6 is all the space it has considering it’s a coupe. I can fit at least two sets of golf clubs in the trunk and four people inside.

As we were walking away from Pontiac they announced the show was closing in ten minutes and to walk to the exit. Well I wasn’t done and wanted to walk by Ford first, but Mini Red panicked and said, “But Mom! They told us to leave!”

It’s ok Mini Red we have ten minutes which is more than enough to walk by Ford first.”

This made her uneasy but she soon succumbed to my ways and after seeing Ford we started making our way to the exit. This wasn’t fast enough though so they took to chasing us out. I have photographic evidence.

Mini Red and I had a great time together. We were disappointed at the lack of concept cars but the day ended on a wonderful note, considering how it had begun.

Maybe next year I can get to the International Auto Show in Detroit but at least I have the Washington one. See you there next year.