February 11, 2007

How do you know if you’re Royalty?

Mini Red hangs with my Mom every afternoon after school. Mom makes sure Mini Red gets her homework done, which is a huge help and makes our busy evenings easier.

Saturday morning Mini Red and I were hanging out at home and she says to me, “Mom, are you a Princess?”

I have no idea where this is coming from but I tell her that I’m the Queen of our home so she is the Princess.

“Grandma told me that Steve would say he’s a Prince since his Mother’s name, Regina, means Queen in Latin and his Father’s name, Regis, means King in Latin. If Steve is a Prince then you must be a Princess Mama.”

How cute was that? What I liked even better is that Mom spoke of Steve and then to tell her something I had never heard.

Steve is my biological Father who was killed in Vietnam. We never spoke much of him because I was so young and then Mom remarried. It was an unspoken thing between her and I and we wanted to be respectful of the man who became my Dad.

“Well Mini Red… Then that proves you ARE a Princess.”