February 1, 2007

Where is the snow we were promised?

I want SNOW!
I wore my BIG ASS boots today. I've had these things sitting in my closet for a few years. I was afraid to break them in but they have some serious traction, which is useful in foul weather. So why not break them in now... Right? They aren't real comfortable... yet I wore them in anticipation of snow and ice and trying to thwart any chances of me looking the fool falling on my ass. Now I'm just real disappointed that they’ve been worn for no reason. I hate when promises are broken. Damn you (*shaking fists*) promise breaking weather people!

If tomorrow is a snow day for Mini Red I'm not sure what I will do with her since I can't take her to the client site with me and I can't miss work right now. I'm sure Mom would be able to help me out but then again it's not looking like I have to be worrying about that at this point.

I'm still holding out hope for some of that white stuff and maybe it will start as soon as I get home. I have a feeling the drive home will be awful especially if the drive in this morning was any indication. It seems people were getting all crazy this morning and causing chaos everywhere. Telling the DC area it's going to snow is like jumping in someone's face yelling BOO! Everyone gets freaked out over nothing.