April 14, 2007

I was too busy to notice it was the Day of Evil

The plan for the day was to get a lot done this morning and then get to the office. I never made it to the office but I got a helluva lot done.

Dropped Mini Red off at the bus, went to the ATM, Coffee from Dunkin Donuts and I had the car at the dealership by 7:40. This put me third in line for the day, which ain’t too shabby.

The oil needed to be changed and I had already made an appointment next week for the sunroof recall but this morning they said they would do it all and give me a loaner. On top of that I was due for the 15,000 mile check up and I had noticed some strange things they were going to check out.

By 8:30 I was at Mini Red’s doctor to get some forms signed for her upcoming Outdoor Education trip. I’m told it’s normally a 72 hour turn around to get these papers done but she was squeezing me between patients. Thank goodness.

By 9:30 I was visiting former coworkers and picked up a trampoline to be delivered later to Ra.

I made it to the mall a little after 10, which gave me some time to shop for Aunt Dot but I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I headed to the third floor where Mini Red’s Orthodontist is.

10:40 appointment with Mini Red’s Orthodontist was to review her status and suggestions for the next round of braces. I have had so much anxiety about this and the upcoming cost but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and the Doctor and his staff are awesome! I have to come up with some serious down payment and it’s gonna start with some extraction of teeth which are added cost on top of what the braces will cost. Oye! But it could always be worse right?

Since I was in the mall I went to Lenscrafters to scope out the frames. I found some new frames but these costs are outrageous. I decided to come back another time after I found some frames I like. I need to figure this all out since it feels like so much money is flying out of my butt between braces, glasses and just living day to day.

Today was the deadline for the Outdoor Ed permission slips and fees so by 11:40 I was off to Mini Red’s school to drop them off. Once that was done I headed to drop the trampoline at Ra’s in Columbia. There’s no way I’m making it to the office today.

I arrived at Ra’s about 12:20 and was greeted by her mother. I was so excited to see her and had completely forgotten she would be in town from Canada. I just grabbed her and hugged hard cause I just love this woman.

Ra’s 4 year old helped me unload the trampoline in the back yard. He and I had tried it out the prior weekend and I can’t wait til they have it put together and I can get on it again. At one point the 4 year old was dragging this one part and I suggested it might be easier if he picked it up from the middle.

He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “I can’t Auntie Red! This is heavy and I’m a little guy.”

Oh ok. Then just finish dragging it to the end of the yard.”

We finished unloading the trampoline, reloaded the car with stuff for my aunt, clothes Ra was giving to Mini Red and closed everything up. I see Ra all the time but it was nice to sit down to lunch and visit with her and her Mom. For dessert we had chai tea, cookies, sat back, relaxed and chatted… I feel so comfortable in her home.

By 2:30 I was off again dropping stuff off at Mom’s, picking up Mini Red, dropping stuff at home and off to find some things Aunt Dot had requested. Dropped off the loaner, picked up the car and continued the search and didn’t find anything I was looking for. We left Rockville and headed to Wheaton to treat ourselves to El Pollo Rico and finally got home by 7 and we are beat.

But we aren’t done yet. A few hours later I made an ice cream run. It’s no longer Lent so we after the chicken dinner there was some homemade hot fudge in the fridge that has been waiting patiently for me.

Packing will be last minute, for me, and hopefully we won’t start out too late for Scranton in the morning. This weekend will be good for my soul since we will be staying at the convent again and there is no internet access. Aunt Dot is celebrating over 70 years as a nun and I’m glad she is in better spirits.

She is still unable to walk and understands that everything is different now but she is ok with it. I was worried about the “ok with it” part but she requested some plants and I took this as a great sign.
Mini Red isn’t looking forward to the nuns pawing her but Scranton’s forecast has snow in it and that makes it all worth it for her. I’m looking forward to the drive on 81 because it's so beautiful.
At least I won’t have to drive on next weekend’s trip to Connecticut for a baby shower for SIL.

The Reds are a traveling!