April 7, 2007

A sign on the way to Chinatown for Fadó Thursday but in the end the birds are dead

I was so happy when it was time to leave work, on Friday, and just happy to have made it through the day cause I had the hangover stomach thing going on. I didn’t drink that much last night but what I did drink I guess I took it in pretty fast.

Getting through town after work on Friday was fairly easy but I guess a lot of people were already out of town for Easter. There was a fair amount of tourists on their best behavior and we were all getting along as I drove by the Tidal Basin.

I was on Rock Creek Parkway and thinking about the post I want to write about Thursday night with Scythian at Fadó’s.

The evening started out with a sign: Mrs. M had arrived and was waiting as I ran out of the apartment and hit the button to call the elevator. This elevator is a bit temperamental and will often pass me. The light on the button will go off and the doors never open. Sometimes I catch it and hit the button again and it will open but I missed it this time. Screw it I’ll take the stairs. I get down one flight and realize I left the oven on. I’m not just worried it’s on I KNOW it’s on so I run back up. On my way I notice the button is still lit waiting for the elevator. I run down the hall into my apartment and turn off the oven thanking God the whole time. But it gets better. I run back down the hall to the stairway and notice the button on the elevator is not lit and figured the damn elevator had already passed. Just as I was passing the elevator the doors opened. WTF!? I took this as a sign from the big guy upstairs is telling me to stop worrying about crap cause he’s got my back and I’m not talking about my upstairs neighbor.

We drive to the Metro and got an awesome parking spot and just as were approaching the platform the train arrived. These are all small things but me thinks I should have bought a lottery ticket.

I’ve wanted to check out Scythian’s, “Fadó Thursday” but weeknights aren’t easy. With Mini Red on Spring Break at her Dad’s I figured I should take advantage and a few friends were more than obliged to join me. Mrs. M and I were walking out of the Metro when we bumped into Rachel. The three of us arrived at Fadó’s to find Shortie, PSUAcoustician and WW and shortly thereafter we finally got to meet the ever famous Texpundit. This was my first time at Fadó’s, which is pretty cool and kinda cave like. Shortie and PSUAcoustician tell us the food is good too.

By the time Scythian started we had left the table and moved closer. In no time Scythian got the crowd energized. Many pictures were taken and WW and Tex seemed to really enjoy their first Scythian experience.

So as I’m thinking about this post and driving through Rock Creek these two birds come flying across the street. I have no idea what they were doing be it fighting, playing, having sex, whatever. I didn’t think much of it until I heard a thud!


I immediately looked in my rearview mirror and didn’t see the birds. I couldn’t help but think I have two dead birds on my grille. I took my normal route up Cathedral and onto Connecticut. While at the light at the Zoo I was looking around to see if anyone notices the dead birds on my grille. Ok this is a good sign because no one is looking so I’m really hoping there aren’t two dead birds on the front of my car.

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