June 10, 2007

How I met the Ocean City Fire Department

Friday, I headed down to the O.C. This past week was full of tension and turmoil and I just wanted to get away and relax with the folks. I took my time driving and even stopped at the Queenstown Outlets to see what I might find. When I hit traffic in Easton is when I noticed all the specialty cars and realized it was a big car weekend in O.C. This meant tons of noise and craziness along with all the high schoolers that are down for senior week.

I didn’t arrive until nine and I hit the hay shortly after that. When I woke at 7:30 the next morning I felt as if I had been hit by a train. You would have thought I had been out partying the night before. Of course Dad was already up and chilling out on the couch. He was itching to walk the boards and I was more than happy to get some exercise. On our way there Dad was telling me his best time was 35 minutes beginning to end and the boardwalk is 2.25 miles long. I was up for the challenge and what lay ahead of me because he walks fast and I didn’t want to slow him down. I thought for sure I would end up jogging just to keep up with him.

The morning was perfect and it was a little cloudy which held the sun back from blaring down on us. Walking the boards there is always something to see. There are so many people early in the morning and all sorts of bikes and surrey’s to rent but the newest things to rent are Segways. Why rent those unless your just plain lazy? We made it from one end of the boardwalk to the other in 35 minutes and Dad thinks we may have beat his record but only by 30 seconds.

Consistently, throughout our walk we passed people due to our fast pace. We even passed one of the surreys but on our way back up the boards two young women passed us with baby strollers. Dad was rather amazed we were passed yet couldn't help but be impressed.

It was a great workout and I was feeling better but I was looking forward to a bite to eat and a nap. When we got back Mom asked if I wanted to head into Berlin to our favorite store Tada. How could I pass that up so the nap would have to wait. As luck would have it Berlin was having its Annual Berlin Village Fair. So Mom made sure to let Dad know we would be longer than originally expected.

The first thing we saw as we headed into the fair was the stage with the live music. Two men were playing and one pulled out his electric piano and was singing. This reminded me of a scene in a movie where this kid was playing his electric piano thinking he was cool but he wasn’t. I wish I could remember which movie that was. Anyhow, I found my little piece of happiness in the Polish Pottery booth. Forget that my head was still hurting and I was feeling the walk from the morning… I had added to my collection and this tickled me pink. We left before the bathtub races but we needed get our late lunch and I was still in need of a nap.

After a kick ass sandwich from Anthony’s I took a nap but my headache was still there when I woke. By this time Happy Hour at Mackey’s was in full swing and I figured a little alcohol might just be what the doctor ordered so the folks and I headed over. We procured some seats at the bar and Mom and Dad had their favorite bartender, Danny, tending to them. A couple of beers later I was finally feeling better but I couldn’t deal with the happy hour food. I was warned they would be getting the bucket but I was clueless as to what the bucket was until they ordered it. The bucket is a beach pail, with an attached shovel, filled with alcohol. It was brought over with three straws and let me tell ya I was scared. It was surprisingly good and every sip was better and better.

I left a little before the folks because It was getting cold and the headlights were on if ya know what I mean. Dad likes to stay for the sunset and Kate Smith singing the National Anthem and were then home soon after me.

I tried to put on a movie but realized I had too much to drink and couldn’t follow what was going on. I figured it was time for me to hit the hay so I climbed into bed at the ungodly hour of 9pm. This was a really good thing because I was rudely woken up at midnight with the fire alarm blaring throughout the building.

Ever notice how you become a bumbling idiot when you’re woken like that? Mom and Dad weren’t in the mood to be leaving the condo but they threw on some clothes and we headed out. The fire engine display was impressive. It was just a false alarm due to kids hitting the alarm box located between my car and my parents.

The Fire Engines left with their sirens blaring as they ran off to the next emergency and have passed at least three four five more times running up and down Coastal Highway to various emergencies. I guess these boys are busy this time of year.

So I am wide-awake and blogging. Sounds like the neighbors are up too! I hope I can get back to sleep soon but at least that damn headache is finally gone.