July 10, 2007

You should always look your best whenever you walk out the door.

Sunday, I got up and started writing that last post. In the midst of that I needed to get the massive laundry done so I sorted the piles and was ready to go. The only thing left was to change out of the shorts I was wearing, due to the big hole in the crotch. Along with that I added some undergarments to the top and bottom so as to not scare my neighbors when I walked down the hall, yet what I was wearing was still not par to wear out in public.

So I’m sure you’re asking yourselves, “Why is she telling how awful she looked?”

I am so glad I made some changes to my wardrobe because when I stepped out to switch laundry I locked myself out. The first thing I did was try and wish the door to open with my eyes but I quickly realized that wouldn’t work. I reviewed what I was wearing and the state I was in because I was going for a walk to the folks where there was an extra set of keys.

I decided that avoiding the center of town was best and cut through some side streets. I was glad I didn’t have to wait long to cross Connecticut Avenue and was wishing I had sneakers on to just run over there.

I hadn’t expected the folks to be home from the beach yet but thank goodness they were. I figured if they weren’t home I could always run to my Aunt’s who had a key to the folks who had a key to my place.

Mom was sitting in the kitchen talking on the phone when she saw me walking up the street. She knew something was off because she knows I wouldn’t be caught dead looking like that in public. Plus normally I drive over or I’m running past on a jog. She and Dad got a nice giggle at my expense and Mom gave me a lift home. I think she was afraid one of her friends would see me walking through town like that.

I might be dressing nicer for laundry in the future for fear of this happening again.