August 21, 2007

The Gift

The Folks always ask us what we want for our birthdays. I always ask for something I just can bring myself to purchase for me. This year I wanted an XM Radio since I’m in the car so damn much. It’s not like it’s that expensive but it seems somewhat frivolous and I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy it.

I didn’t know which one to get but just like with Mom’s camera for her birthday there is always some sort of authority within the family. I figured The Folks would get the 411 from Brotha Man and they did. Due to the vacations and Mom living at the beach for the summer they gave me the info from Brotha Man and a check.

So I googled the Delphi SKYFi2 and started comparing prices. It’s so overwhelming that it reminded me of Robin Williams in the movie Moscow on the Hudson when he went to the grocery store to get toilet paper. There were so many choices that he couldn’t decide, freaked out, let out a little scream and passed out right there in the toilet paper isle. The price ranges for the radios go from one extreme to the next and the places with the lowest prices are places with names like Cheap-For-U. Not so sure I want to purchase from some of those online places for fear of someone stealing my Red identity.

What to do? Who would know? Brotha Man! I called Brotha Man and he gave me the 411 and told me he got Dad’s XM at Best Buy and suggested I go there first. So that’s where I was gonna go.

After work I decided to go to the Best Buy at Potomac Yards in Alexandria. As I walked in the store two young'uns were standing at a table doing some promotional thing. One said he liked my chain as he pointed to my necklace. This is one of those moments when I wish I had the clit to say what was on my mind. Like maybe… “I saw you staring at my chest so stop playing like you weren’t! Oh and it’s not a chain is what we call a necklace.” Can you imagine what kind of look that might bring to their faces?

This store had virtually nothing in regards to XM radios and that meant nada for me. The guy tells me they are phasing the Delphi SKYFi2’s out and all the stores have them on clearance. He finally tells me he can look and see if there are any other stores that have them in stock. A few have only one but he warns me that is probably the floor model. He suggests I go home and call around. Harumph!

I noticed on his list that the Arundel Mills store has quite a few in stock. For a split second I thought of calling FN to see if he would get it from the Arundel Mills store for me. I nearly laughed out loud at myself for thinking that. I then noticed that the Germantown store had four. So I left Alexandria and headed to Germantown. For those of you not from around here that is about and hour drive when there is NO traffic.

At this point it’s after seven and I just wanted to be home and chillin but I also wanted to get this radio or I never would. The thing about heading to this Germantown store was I could probably throw a stick and hit Brotha Man’s house but I feared it was too late and if the baby wasn’t asleep then SIL definitely would be. It was odd to be in their neck of the woods and not stop by to squeeze the new little man in my life. Gawd he's cute!

I got there and found the radio right off the bat. Seemed almost too easy so I looked for one of the blue shirted peeps so I can confirm this is all I needed and it has all the parts necessary to mount it in my car. If you know Best Buy then you know it isn’t easy to get help. So I’m standing there waiting my turn. The Blue Shirt Dude is on the phone, on hold, and tells me he will be with me in a minute. At first I thought he told me someone else was in front of me and I was quick to correct him but in fact he was trying to state I was next. I felt silly so I got chatty and stated I wouldn’t take up much of his time. So his customer says, “Well maybe I can help you? What’s up?

This flusters me so I say, “I’ve just driven from Alexandria and want to make sure this is all I need and I live in K-Town but I’m here in Germantown.”

What did I just say? That made no sense!

[Translation: I've been all over God's half acre in my attempts to get this radio. Please tell me this is all I need so I can go home.]

You should have seen the look on the dude’s face, but then he tells me he works in K-Town at Trick Trucks. Cool! This means he might know a thing or two about these thingys that get installed in them there cars.

So he reads the box to me, which I’ve already read. Confirms some things for me, which are stated on the box. He might as well have patted me on the hiney as he sent me on my way.

I kinda felt stoopid but you know… I really don’t care. As I walked to the cashier I still felt as if I’m missing something about this radio. I guess I’ll worry about it tomorrow because I’m done.

At least I have the radio and that is one of my many tasks that are done. Mini Red is at her Dad’s this week and so I have a limited amount of time to get some things done before the end of the week. This also makes the time go by faster cause I miss her too much.