August 4, 2007

Has it begun yet?

I am one grumpy ass beotch that is in desperate need of a vacation.

I have arrived at the beach with minimal difficulty and finally decided to stay.

Ok let me back up.

I called the lizard sitter to make sure I could bring Kima in. They’ve always told me just to come in but I like to call to be sure. This time I wasn’t gonna call but decided to at the last minute and a good thing it was too. They said they were full. Oh no! The dude then asked my name and said, “Kima! For you we can take her”. Phew. I knew I could call my cousin and he had offered just this morning but I felt I would be putting his wife out if I did impose that on them. My cousin loves Kima and would probably sit there every evening and let her crawl all over him. So I finished up some difficult work and was glad some servers went down since this is the perfect excuse to give myself a break and get the hell outta dodge and onto the vacation. I had errands to run and the first thing was to take Kima to the lizard sitter.

I walked into the store (the sitters) with Kima on my shoulder and there were a bunch of guys standing around looking a bit green. A bearded dragon, which was there for lizard sitting, was on the counter and releasing his business and here I come with yet another beardie. I trust this place to take good care of Kima but I can’t help but still worry because I am a Mom and that’s my job. It's just like I don’t think anyone can take care of Mini Red like I can.

So off to the next stop, which is to get new plastic flops for Mini Red at Target. These are inexpensive, good for the pool, the shower at the pool and so she is living in them this summer. I also picked up some inexpensive beach shoes that will be needed when we all go to Assateague on Monday. For Mom’s birthday she wants a day at Assateague clamming, kayaking and crabbing. The plan is to pack up food and wine and set up shop on the beach where we can put the kayak in and wade in the water searching for clams. Sometimes we find crabs but this isn’t the area we normally go crabbing in. The shoes will be useful when wading in the water among the slimy sand. Last time I didn’t have shoes but I found the most clams.

The next stop… I decided against. Time to get back home finish cleaning and grab the rest of the stuff and get on the road. This took me longer than expected and I wasn’t looking forward to the drive. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Beltway was moving and made it to the Bay Bridge in just under and hour. Traffic at this point was thick but moving. I found myself enjoying driving without the radio or music and was just getting lost in my own thoughts. This isn’t such a good thing at times. I started thinking about all the things I hope Mini Red remembered to pack. Plus trying to figure out any of the plans just for the weekend. I missed happy hour and that was bumming me out because that meant I would arrive and be hanging out by myself since the folks would be in bed. I started calling Sis to see what the plans were for Saturday because I only heard bits and pieces at family dinner night. She was frustrated with work and all the things she had to do and wouldn’t be heading out til Saturday. I really understood how she was feeling. I finally got a hold of Mini Red to double check on the things I figured she forgot and I was right. I was bothered by this but I knew I would be and this is why I did it now… So I would be over it sooner than later.

This has been a week of frustrations with Mini Red that have cost me money too. I can’t tell you how many times I reminded her of something she need to pack or think of packing and how many times she would tell me she was done. On top of that we keep arguing over her incredibly messy room. I’m not asking for perfection in any of these things but when I buy her board shorts for upcoming surf lessons and she neglects to bring them or extra bathing suits I can’t help but feel like banging my head against a wall. The surf lessons are the BIG thing this vacation and these items should have been a no brainer and I know I asked her about the suits. She needs to learn her own lessons as I did but then this will probably mean more money wasted. Those shorts won’t be worn any other time this summer and she will have outgrown them by next summer.

Just as I’m hearing all this from Mini Red traffic starts getting stoopid and numb nuts behind me had his fog lights and high beams on. I’m in the slow lane and the fast lane is open and he is right up my ass and won’t go around. Traffic is getting thicker the closer I got to O.C. but I just wanted to turn around and go home. If I weren’t so close I would have. Part of that is due to the fact that I have to drive nearly home on Sunday to pick up Mini Red from her Dad’s and drive back to the beach for about six hours on the road. So vacation isn’t going to really start until I can get out of the damn CAR!

I drive so much and part is due to where my office is but even more lately due to the location of Mini Red’s camp. This is her favorite camp so I do what I can to make it happen. So I’m feeling very over worked over driven and I’m in desperate need of a break from it all. The small things I need from Mini Red like upkeep on her room and to remember what she needs just for surfing is irking me. It makes you wonder why you even bother. I know I will feel better and have it figured out by tomorrow but right now I can’t help but feel Mini Red is in need of learning a lesson. She is spoiled and needs to learn how to do some things for herself now that she is nearly a teenager.

So getting here… On my vacation has taken some doing and I don’t feel like I’m really here yet. I have been working my butt off at work, school and home and feel this vacation is very much deserved. For Mini Red it’s her summer vacation and she hasn’t gotten to sleep in and the schedule was crazy while I was in school. Then again she still hasn’t had any responsibilities. I guess I’m just feeling as if I’m the only one working for a vacation here.

So when do you say, “Say la vie. This is the job of the Mom.” When do you put your foot down and stop getting walked all over and teach your child a lesson. Don’t get me wrong Mini Red is a good girl. One of the better kids out there in the world but I’m talking about a lesson to keep her that way and to help her for when she becomes an adult. This could be one of those lessons that she remembers for the rest of her life.

The vacation that Mom took the surf lessons away.