August 14, 2007

Red is red and Mini Red is too!

Monday, August 6th, was deemed The Day of Family Fun. Yes my Father is Clark W. Griswold. It was Ma’s Birthday and she wanted a Day of Family Fun at Assateague. We packed up food, soda, wine and chicken necks in the cooler. We grabbed the buckets, string and weights for crabbing along with the clam rake. On top of the vehicle we secured the kayak, hopped in, buckled up and we were off.

The Folks settled on an area on the bay side of Assateague where we could do everything including: crabbing, kayaking clamming and more. Ma and I headed off in the kayak and I was nervous because I had never done this but once before. At least Ma was ready for it this time. There were some horses roaming wild on a little island area. We kayaked up and around the island they were on and they never noticed us. As we rounded the bend and headed back to where we started we had to work hard because the wind was blowing and the current was difficult. By the time I got out of the kayak I was soaked… at least my ass was from sitting in so much water.

Next up was Dad and Sis and they went up and back and didn’t go out for very long. While they were out on their short trip I caught up with Mini Red and we did some crabbing. There was a nice warm breeze and I was hoping my shorts would dry sooner than later. When crabbing you can, usually, feel the little buggers biting but with the wind and current so strong it was difficult to tell if you had something on your line. We were soon joined by a little girl followed by her Mom who was worried her little girl bothering us. It wasn’t long before we were joined by the brother and the Dad and Mini Red was tired of crabbing and getting nothing. I handed over both lines to the little kids and gave them tips as I talked to their Mom. They were down from Connecticut and this was their first time to Assateague Island and the kids loved all the animals they were finding.

The little boy thought he had something on his line and we all got quiet. I tried to stay out of the way since I saw the Dad had his camera out. We saw the end of the line getting closer and before it was clear if he had something I swooped down with the net. HE GOT ONE! We all cheered and probably scared away any living thing in the water near us. It was so exciting and that little boy was so happy. I gathered my lines and we said our goodbyes.

It didn’t feel like we were there that long but we were all tired. On top of that we all realized we had made a mistake. It was overcast for most of the day and the wind kept it cool but we got some sun. Red was red and so was Mini Red and Sis. Ma had enough covering her and Dad just get s dark dark dark.

Before leaving we crossed to the ocean side and trekked over the dunes to check it all out. The wind was so strong that as we crossed over the dunes we were pelted with sand... Ouch! We played in the surf a bit but didn’t go in far because the waves were rough. Personally, I had just dried out so I was just happy getting my feet and legs wet.

As we came back over the dunes we saw them… HORSES! They were in someone’s campsite. Ma ran back to the car for her new camera she got from us. She had to get pictures now that she can. The day was exactly as Ma had wanted and one of her bestest days ever.

We all got cleaned up and had planned on going to the White Marlin Open to see what had been caught on the first day of the open. Plans changed when we found out Sis’s friend T.D. Blue was working and so was an old friend of mine, Bar-D. So the Folks and Mini Red went to the Marlin Open and Sis and I headed out to dinner in Bethany at the Blue Coast. The food was amazing and we caught up with people we hadn’t seen in some time. Next stop was North East up Route 26 to find one my cousin’s but he was bartending at Catch 54, which is the newest of the restaurants owned by a guy I grew up with. Catch 54 has some breath taking views from the lower level as well as the upper level.

On the way home Sis and I recounted the day and a full day it was. We had fun in the sun and ended it with a great meal and catching up with old friends and family we haven’t seen in a while. This was the beginning of a great vacation.