August 16, 2007

What a day for the record books!

Elvis has been dead for 30 YEARS!!! I remember when he died. I was so sad. I was at the beach with all my cousins and they would laugh and talk about how he died taking a poop. I was mad at them for talking that way about the King.

We all got over it and sat down to have Othello marathons.

Today is also Madonna’s birthday she is 49. I can’t believe this woman will be 50 next year.

It is also Frank and Kathie Lee Giffords birthday’s. Yes both of them. He was born 1930 and she was born 1953. I find it odd to marry someone with the same birthday. They should have gotten married on August 16th too.

See today is a remarkable day.

Ohh yeah…

It’s my birthday too!