September 3, 2007

Labor Day Parade in Kensington

2007 marks the 40th anniversary of the Labor Day Parade in Kensington. It has definitely grown since then and my family has it traditional corner where they sit on Connecticut Avenue. As Mini Red and I headed to the family spot we picked up a friend of hers… a BOY! Oye!

When we got to the corner I bumped into a lot of old friends and family and family friends. I love seeing everyone since this is the only time I see some of them.

The parade was great and had a little bit of everything:

After the parade everyone headed into town to get something cold to drink or a bite to eat. There was the usual fanfare and I headed straight for the crab cakes. As I walked further down I noticed the parade was still going and making its way back into town. I was heading right into the thick of things. Once the parade was over there were a lot of people and I was unsure I could fight through them so I waited until the majority had passed. I couldn’t imagine the center of town getting any more crowded then it was when I was there and I was glad I was on my way out.

I don’t think I have ever seen so many people at the Labor Day Parade. Maybe the route of the parade was changed to make it longer. Plus the day it about perfect for a parade no wonder there were so many people.