September 11, 2007

The Mammas escaped for a night out on the town

Friday was an evening of several Blogger Happy Hours. Gunfighter was hosting one in Arlington and I’m sorry I missed it but location and timing was not on my side. I was able to make the other Blogger HH thanks to Ra and her Hubby.

Before I get to that I promised Ra that I would give an update. Not too long ago I was upset with her and blogged about it. We have been good friends for some time and so I went to her because I decided that I didn’t want to lose the friendship. Seems we had a series of misunderstandings one of which was when I thought she hung up on me when in reality she was dealing with a screwy airline and at the counter at the time. Ra and I have had our differences over the years and we have both had our moments of stubbornness but I think that is what defines true friends. True friends can have misunderstandings and disagreements and still come together and discuss it openly.

So after work Mini Red and I headed to Columbia. Mini Red was gonna hang with Mr. Ra and help him with the boys who are 5 and 2. Ra hadn’t been out like this in quite some time. We arrived at Mad Hatters and I was pleasantly surprised to recognize quite a few people. Before diving in I decided to grab a drink especially since diving into such a social situation can be a bit difficult for me. As my beer was arriving Kassy saw me and came over. She has been taking some time off to pursue her dream of writing and let me tell ya I don’t think I’ve ever seen this chick seem so happy and content at where she is in her life at this moment. If you’re read this Chef… You’re a good man!

Then VK saw me from the other end of the bar and threw me a sexy look. Yes, the old MILF is representing and I love the new look of your blog. I soon noticed I-66 had appeared and we caught up before he was off to grab Arjewtino and help settle a question of mine. Now I’m not one to ask for a link but I had to wonder if Arjewtino was mad at me since he hadn’t linked to me when he moved to his new url. He just hugged me a few more times and promised to fix it Monday. He fixed it and also gave me a blogger report card grade of a C+. I think that should be upped considering his oversight caused me so much heartache plus the law (and common sense) keeps me from bringing Mini Red to a bar.

I met so many new people too: INPY was telling me of his favorite post of mine and how Mini Red flipped me off. I didn’t have the heart to tell him she didn’t. Plus she would have been in deep doo doo if she had. I also got to finally meet VVK and that is one tall dude. I have also found some new blogs to check out… Starting Today… and Just Going with It

As always it was good to see Pat from DC Blogs before he snuck out of there since the crowd was getting rowdy. As I was chatting it up there were some drums being played on my back by none other than Throwing Hammers. I promptly asked for the jacket that was promised since I was now in the Photoshop Club. He has promised an upcoming Photoshop challenge and I’m game to see what he comes up with. The night was topped of with an appearance by Joe, who is one of my favorite bloggers to hang out with.

The night was a blast and it was great to see everyone. Thanks for a great time and I’m anxiously awaiting the date of the next one in hopes I can make it.