September 26, 2007

This isn't how Martha Stewart would do it

During the holidays, and I’m talkin Christmas, you’ll see people go and put wreaths on the grille of their vehicles. This isn’t something I tend to get into. I don’t even like to put stickers of any kind on my car cause I like it just the way it is.

Well... the holidays are approaching, and I’m talkin Halloween. I got a bug up my butt to put a decoration on my car but I want to make sure it won’t hurt my car in any way and I’m not sure how to do this. I’m gonna need some help but before I could make the call my buddy Wes called to tell me he’s been re-hired after the layoffs we had.

Wes is a handy dude to be friends with since fun for him is converting vehicles to run on used vegetable oil or anything that requires use of a backhoe. Thank goodness is wife doesn’t mind lending him out now and again.

After chatting about him coming back to "The Company" I tell him my idea. How Mini Red and I were hanging in Rite Aid checking out all the Halloween stuff and a styrofoam skull caught my attention. That’s when it hit me and I decided I want to affix a skull to the hood or grille of my car in celebration of Halloween. He’s laughing so I’m getting the vibe he loves my idea. I figure this skull might help me out driving through D.C. and maybe everyone will get outta my way for fear of their skulls joining the one already on my hood. I probably need one on the rear of the car too and maybe the tailgaters will stop riding my ass. Especially around National Airport where the speed limit is 40 mph and everyone goes at least 60 mph so I tend to just move to the right and let them pass.

So I digressed… We discuss if styrofoam is the best option and able to withstand the elements and how are we gonna affix this without leaving any marks or scratches on my car. Plus I’m concerned the skull could come loose and fly up into my windshield. He said he would come by and check out the skull and we can plan how we’re gonna achieve this.

In the meantime, a/k/a the weekend, I found a better skull at Target that’s made for indoor/outdoor use. This one is plastic and looks more realistic too!
Tuesday, Wes stopped by the office and we went to the garage with the skull. The original idea of cutting off the back for a better fit will work with this skull too and all we need are some nylon ties to hook it in the center of the front grilles right over the Pontiac symbol. He was gonna take the skull so he can use the equipment at his other job to cut off the back of the skull and holes will need to be made in the side for the nylon straps. I’m still concerned about possible scratching from where the skull will be cut so he’s gonna soften the edges with some sort of tape unless he comes up with a better idea.

When the holiday is over I just need to snip the straps and store the skull away for next year. Ahh next year… Maybe we can make the eyes light up by then?

The skull should be in place by next week so keep and eye out for me and if ya see me honk and wave.