August 11, 2005

Match Continued…

I guess I need to fill in some of what happened since my last entry.
So I ended up meeting "The Brit" and he was sooooo the perfect gentleman but I was so put off by the initial risqué photo that I really didn't have much of a desire to see him again. I told him his risqué photo put me off and he understood and said guys could do stupid things sometimes. I agreed… however, there wasn't an apology. We did continue to communicate and it became more and more frequently. Yet I still didn't have much desire to see him. I enjoyed our conversations be it via text, email or the rare phone call until one day I logged onto my MSN messenger and we began to chat. His roommate had pissed him off and he was in an evil mood he said and I was to later realize that one had nothing to do with the other. Suddenly I see I have mail and "The Brit" says, " You are a brave girl if you open the email I just sent you. I showed it to others over the weekend and I don't think they were impressed." I open the email and I see that there are two jpegs. I start to scroll down and HOLY CRAP "The Brit" sent photos of his PENIS! So I pretend I didn't see the pics yet and I tell him that I have enjoyed our conversations over the last few weeks and that I see that his email contains photos. I asked him if he was willing to ruin that and if I should scroll down to see the photos. No answer from him. I typed that the prude was going to bed. No more communication there. I enjoy sex as much as the next person but this was ridiculous and over the line.
As usual Red attracts the Freakin Losers and this one was a VP of a technology company. I guess stature doesn't count for much these days.
As for CourtHouse Boy, who asked if I was on Match… I emailed him via Match. I said that my shy side was screaming at me to stop the email but asked if he was interested in having lunch sometime. If not then my name is Red and I'll see ya around the Starbucks. Not only did I get no reply but also when I passed him coming out of Starbucks a few days later he looked the other way and turned his nose. What is going on?
In the middle of all this I met "J" who is sometimes referred to as "Boat Boy" or "Crofton Dude" by a few of my friends. I was nearing the end of my awful move and I really needed something to distract me from my hard work. We had plans to meet at Applebee's in Crofton then hop in his Jeep to go to either Baltimore or Annapolis Harbor. He was going to call me Friday and schedule the time. Well… I never heard from him on Friday. I figured… no biggie but I didn't hear from him on Saturday either. His phone had been stolen so I tried calling the number he last called me from and left a message. I got dressed a few hours later and dropped The Kiddo off at my parents. They asked me if I heard from him and I said no but I was going anyway. This confused Dad, but I explained that I needed to go out and decided to go either way (This is sooo not like me). On my way to Crofton I tried calling the number of the stolen phone this time and he called me back a few minutes later. He asked where I was and I told him I was on Rt. 50 almost to Crofton. He said he had written me off since his computer blew up and the phone was stolen and he had no way to contact me. Sounded like a story to me but I was determined to get out that night. I arrived at the agreed time and waited over 30 minutes but enjoyed flirting with the bartender who bought me a beer. I noticed I had a message on my phone and soon found out I was at the wrong Applebee's. He came to my Applebee's (as he should have) and we had a drink before going to Annapolis. We had a nice time but what a confusing mess. So this seems to be the way with this guy and we have hung out a few times, but I don't foresee any big future with him especially after he stood me up one Sunday.