September 17, 2005

The Latin Match Makes An Appearance

I'm walking down the hall at work and a co-worker of mine, who has recently rejoined, calls my name.

Co-Worker: "Red! Check out this guy I've been talking to"
Red: "Oh It's Arnold! Or should I say Arnulfo"
Co-Worker: "What?"
Red: "Haven't you read my blog? The Latin Match? He's married with a 3 y.o. son"
Co-Worker: "What?"
Red: "Did he tell you he's a Lawyer?"
Co-Worker: "No."
Red: "CPA?"
Co-Worker: "How did you know?"
Red: "As well as doing Immigration Law he also said he was a CPA but he has his sister run that part of his business."
Co-Worker: "What?"
Red: "You may want to think about reporting him to"

She immediately sends him an email. In the subject line she writes "Arnulfo?" She continues, "I work with Red (redhead) who told me about your wife and 3 y.o. son......"

A few days later I'm thinking about how I want to blog this and it hits me. I need to post his photo! I check my emails for the photos he sent me and DAMN I deleted them! This would have been great material. He even apologized for the photos he sent because he was wearing a wife beater. That should have been my first clue. But then again we would all be missing out on this sick little man. So I have my co-worker email the photo he sent her. When I opened it I died laughing.

Check out the tie and the calculator! As if!