May 1, 2006

Hot Young'un

Since I have been PMSing, and I was stood up by a loser last week… it's a bit difficult not to be a little down.
So Friday night I hung out with some friends since I didn't have a date. On the way home we stopped to see some other friends. These friends had a Hot Young'un amongst them. I find out on Saturday that the Hot Young'un asked about me and several times to boot.
I said, " What is he… 5?"
And the response was "No… He's 24"
Again, I replied, "Like I said 5."
Now it's Sunday and I hear that my friend bumped into the Hot Young'un again. As they are about to part Hot Young'un says "I shouldn't tell you this but last night as I was having sex with my girlfriend… and all I could think of was the Redhead".

Can I tell you how I SOOOO needed to hear something this?!?!