April 22, 2006

I've been Craiglisted!

"Safeway Kensington MD Single Mom Beautiful Woman - m4w"

"I saw you in the store with your daughter. Beautiful smile and incredible red hair. (Mom and daughter, same hair) we have chatted on line once before. I would be blown away if given a chance to sit across from you and share some conversation, laughter, smiles, and a cup of coffee.

I am a single Dad that lives in Kensington as well. Please reach out and contact me!!"
How flattering!

I emailed my sister and included the link. She replied:
"oh my gosh!
do you know who this is?
thats funny....and slighty scary too
you gonna call him?
people are WATCHING you!"
Another friend said,
Great! Lent is over so you can date!