April 28, 2006

We Got A Pet!

I decided that since we can't have a cat or dog and I'm not real fond of the furry scurry things maybe we should look into some type of lizard. After much consideration and research we found and purchased a Bearded Dragon at Our Favorite Tropical Pet Store. I named her Kima, which is short for KIss My Ass. She is so wonderful, but I have a problem handling the crickets she eats but thanks to the guys at Our Favorite Tropical Pet Store that issue has been resolved.
We've gotten to know the staff at Our Favorite Tropical Pet Store. We've noticed that the Boss Guy is always touching his balls. I'm not sure if he's scratching or adjusting but it is amazing how often his hands are down there.
Recently, we made a cricket run to Our Favorite Tropical Pet Store. On the ride home The Kiddo (11 yrs old) and I had the following conversation:

Mommy: "I think the Boss Guy is flirting with me"
Kiddo: "But Mom he's married!"
Mommy: "That doesn't stop people from flirting. He's really creepy, dontcha think?"
Kiddo: "Yeah! That's because he's always touching his BALLS."
Mommy: "Maybe we should count how many times he touches his balls and blog it? How many times did you see him do it tonight?"
Kiddo: "I didn't see any."
Mommy: "I saw him do it at least twice."
Kiddo: "But we were only there for like 5 MINUTES!"
Mommy: "Yeah I know. I'm not sure if he is adjusting or scratching but I'm too afraid to look closer when he does it to figure out which it is. Either way it's creepy."