May 13, 2006

Cricket Run

It's amazing the conversations that evolve with my (11 yr old) daughter and I, especially, on our cricket runs.

When we arrived at Our Favorite Tropical Pet Store to get this weeks supply of crickets for Kima, no one was around. I was looking at something and suggested The Kiddo check the Reptile Room. She came back from the Reptile Room and wanted to leave because she didn't see anyone and this gave her a bad feeling. I reminded her of the shark feedings,which often draws a crowd, maybe everyone was back there. I then heaard her talking to the Boss Guy and I'm sure he is trying to be witty as usual. The Kiddo asks him about the crickets we need and if we should get the small or medium. We all agree on the medium (they are bigger and creepier, ewwwww).

We realized as we were driving home that the Boss Guy has not even neared touching his balls, at least from what we've seen, on either of our last two trips there. We wondered, in unison, if maybe he was reading Life of RED and has now been alerted to the fact that we notice the abundance of ball touching.

The Kiddo proceeded to tell me of her conversation with Boss Guy. The first thing he said was "Where's your Lovely Mom?" We realize that Boss Guy has a bit of an accent that sounds like Jimmy Stewart (JS) dressed in sweats. I ask The Kiddo if she had a Dad with her would he ask, "Where's your Lovely Dad?" (in JS accent). The Kiddo imitates Boss Guy, with a JS accent, saying, "Where's your Lovely Teenage Daughter". How funny! We also make the realization that he cocks his head back similar to a movement that a lizard makes. Maybe he's been hanging around these animals too long? Next thing you know his tongue will suddenly come out and lick his eyeball or even worse… his balls.