May 6, 2006

For the Love of All Things Good and Holy!

CourtHouse Boy is yummy and I have been crushing on him for years. Then I quit smoking and that made him less desirable since he smokes. Well it looks like he has quit or is at least giving it a very serious attempt. So lately I have been noticing him… again… well… I never really stopped noticing him.

Then I find out another in my office has noticed him. I tell her that neither of us can have him now since if she got him then I would be sad and if I got him then she would be sad. She tells me she would be happy for me if I got him. BULL POOPY! "You would still be sad", I tell her.

With all that going on I think I had some moments of cockiness. I started thinking if I could just bump into him and say hi it would all be over for him and he would fall at my feet asking where I have been all of his life. HAHAHA that is too funny… just like some silly little schoolgirl.

Finally, I see him as I'm walking to the garage and he is walking towards me and I'm walking towards him and… NOTHING! I COULDN'T DO IT! FOR THE LOVE OF… (See title). I really need to get over it and stop this shy SHIT.

Maybe I have just been so enamored with this Studly Muffin for so long that I have put him in a place in my mind where he is unreachable.

Friends say no one is unreachable.

I say… sometimes I'm too tired to reach… so I try to get someone else to do it.