May 15, 2006

Mini Red has a Boyfriend

My Mom says "I always hoped you'd have a child who is just like you so you will know my pain but Mini Red is worse than you ever were". My daughter is awesome and I love the things that come out of her mouth (some of the time).

Mini Red is now starting puberty and I had a big wake up call on Friday when she had a boy/girl ice skating party. Her boyfriend was going to be there and she wanted tell him she would be his date for the 5th grade party at the end of the year. This didn't bother me until I went to pick her up from the rink.

The lights were down low and I had flashbacks to when I was a teen and I would go to the roller skating rink. They would announce Couples Skate and Endless Love would be playing in the background. This means dances are coming up and she will dance slow dances with boys and… ok I need to stop there because I'm in terror now and I need to be a cool Mom.

I'm walking around trying to see who is on the ice… and with whom… Phew! None of them are coupling up and Mini Red isn't skating well, which is evident by her hanging on some device to help her. I don't see the boyfriend anywhere but here comes his Mom. This is our first chance to discuss the kids without them near.

I find out that the boyfriend has been asking if he could take Mini Red to a movie. He tells his Mom that she can stay in the theater too. After the movie maybe they can go to dinner? She tells me she is trying to keep cool as he divulges his plans. She suggests a group of kids but he is dead set on just he and Mini Red. We go on to share tidbits we have heard from the kids in reference to each other, when Mini Red asked what the rules are on her having a boyfriend. I was surprised and felt she was too young but told her that I didn't think there was any problem as long as there were rules: "No kissing, hugging and no dates". She goes on to tell me, "Boyfriend's Mom says he can't have a girlfriend until 6th Grade". After hearing this I'm not worried until his Mother tells me they never discussed any such rule.

My hair may not have any white yet but I have a feeling it's coming soon.