May 16, 2006

What do you do when you're stuck in traffic on Connecticut Avenue?

I was driving into work this morning and noticed the woman in the car behind me because she looked familiar. Then she popped something out of her mouth. It looked as if she had some dental device that she was playing with. I thought that was odd, and wondered if she would pop that device out during meetings. I mean if she is playing with it that much while driving then she might subconsciously pop that sucker out during a meeting or better yet with a client.

I kept looking in my rearview mirror because I couldn't believe a grown woman was playing with a dental device that much.

Then it hit me. Maybe it was some face exerciser? Not sure how I would know of any facial exercise device.

Busted! I think she saw me staring. She took the device out. Wow! She looks completely different without that thing in her mouth.

So I Googled to see if there was any such device. BINGO! It's call the Facial Flex.
The Before and After photos are ridiculous. The before photos show the women without makeup and their hair a mess. The After photos have them all made up and hair done. Do they really think we will fall for these? The woman I saw this morning did. It makes me wonder what she does for a living… she's probably in the Senate.