May 11, 2006

Would Fake Boobs Burst in Space?

As I was reading the DC Metro Bloggings of today I came across a piece from Wayan, Boob Job Donations are so 2002. He referenced, Michelle, a woman who was soliciting donations so she could get a boob job. I'm amazed at the lengths people will go to get what they want… yet oddly… I sometimes wish I had no inhibitions that might allow me to do similarly. No, I definitely do NOT need boobs they are big enough.

I scrolled down to find a question that was posted:

Would fake boobs burst in space?
What a question? Why? Or better yet who cares. I would assume that any woman who is interested in becoming an astronaut would not be so vain. There is no Vain in Space!

The answer to this most perplexing question…
Your boobs may explode in space,” says the Sun.
Experts reckon boob implants may “expand and burst due to cabin pressure”.
"More than 157 people have forked out a massive £115,000 to rocket up to 400,000ft above Earth on the Virgin Galactic shuttle. Due to take place in 2008."

Evidently, they have concerns of breasts exploding especially with:

"Fibbing celebs whose lady lumps grew overnight as soon as they found fame. Throw them all in," They say. "It’ll be the next reality TV show – Real Life Pop Corn."

Who woulda thunk it?