June 27, 2006

Do you have a Rabbit?

Some friends and I have been having an ongoing conversation over the last week. It all started when Unnamed Friend read The "C" Battery *. She was amazed to hear I might have just such a device. So you can imagine the discussions we’ve been having lately. She is in the market for one of her own now.

We told her about the rabbit, which became well known from the girls on Sex and The City. Whenever we would talk about it we would make the quotation symbol with our fingers.

(Joey must be telling Rachel to get two rabbits.)

Unnamed Friend finally tells me she has no idea why we are doing the quotation thing with our fingers when we talk about the rabbit. So I Googled it for her and she finally saw what the device looks like.

We have all decided that a sex toy party is a must, but Unnamed Friend doesn't want to wait and wants to make a purchase sooner than later. So a trip will be planned for a lunch hour sometime next week. This will be like taking a kid to toy store for the first time.

The most amusing part is Unnamed Friend is pregnant and we figure this new baby won't be wanting for it's mother's heartbeat, but quite possibly might want a different sound. Maybe she can hollow out a teddy bear to insert the device. No one would ever know.

* I was informed that these devices don't take C batteries but the majority take AA.