June 21, 2006

Please do not pee on the seat, wipe it up, or sit on a sheet

Sometimes I swear bathroom etiquette is out of control and I tell ya women can be the worst. The public bathroom at my office could definitely be worse and it doesn’t help that it needs a bit of an overhaul. If you’re not paying attention your door can open up and expose you. This usually happens when someone is entering or leaving the stall next to you, which shakes your door loose. The other day the trash can fell out of the wall and several of us just about shit our pants when it happened.

I don’t understand how you can miss that your log didn’t flush. LOOK and make sure for heavens sake. Evidently, this is a problem in the men’s room too, according to John, who found a floater in the urinal the other day. If your going to poop in a public restroom you should do courtesy flushes to cut down on the smell. Oh and the bathrooms are going to smell because that is where you are supposed to relieve yourself of those bodily functions. So no one needs to hear from the peanut gallery how bad it is. Do your thing and get out cause it not like you don’t dump yours there too!

Tampons should not be flushed! Do you really want to take the chance that your tampon might clog the toilet and your bloody crap come back all over your Nine West Shoes? I don’t, so disposed of it properly in that sanitary box next to where you’re hovering your ass (the primary cause for peeing on the seat).

But as the title of this post says: Please do not pee on the seat, wipe it up, or sit on a sheet. It is beyond me why women pee all over the seat and don’t wipe it up. The amazing thing is 98% of bathrooms in the US provide sheets to protect your ass. USE it! Or for heavens sake wipe it up and flush it and make sure it actually flushes.

Pretty yucky, eh?