June 14, 2006

Uggggh! I Feel so Old

Today Is Mini Red's last day of Elementary School. I can't believe I'm old enough to have a child going into middle school. She is growing so fast that it scares me.

Is this middle age?

Yesterday her school had a graduation ceremony. The principal spoke and told us that in his experience everything is going to just fly by now that they're out of Elementary School. In my mind I was screaming "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

The ceremony was very touching and when Mini Red's teacher spoke it brought tears to my eyes. This was her first year of teaching fifth grade and saying goodbye is very difficult since she won't see them next year.

Afterwards they had cake and juice and everyone mingled. I met more of her friends and their parents and then it happened… Mini Red broke down. Some of her friends won't be going to the same middle school. I was so surprised how it was affecting her. I reminded her that she didn't break down last year when we moved and she changed schools. She said, "I hated that school! I love it here and I love my friends and teachers here."

We only moved about 10 miles but it changed our school district and I swear it was the best thing for her. We are closer to family, she has gained more responsibility and a better sense of self. She even made honor roll in the second marking period. This is amazing since she was almost failing last year.

We had a long bike ride after graduation. I had her ride in front of me as I directed her through the paths I took when I was her age. She's still uncomfortable on her bike but getting more and more confident every time we ride. I was impressed at how well she was taking direction. She soon started warning me about everything up ahead.

"Puddle! Bump! Biker! Walker! Hill!"

So on the way back I did similar

"Air! Bug! Grass! Mini Red! Wind! Eww that smells!

We had a great time riding and we are both anxious to ride again.

We cleaned up and headed out to pick up her favorite chicken and take it to a friend's house to celebrate her graduation. They even got her a cake! It said, Great Job Mini Red!

On the way home it was dark and we were stopped at a light enjoying the radio when we looked over to see a SUV with some cute guys staring at us. They waved and I waved back and just started laughing. Mini Red didn't understand until I explained that they must think she is older and I'm younger. Mini Red dropped her seat back so they couldn't see her. I think these dudes soon realized that she was a little girl and when the light turned green they took off.

I am too old for my daughter to be mistaken for my girlfriend or to be checked out for the second time this week.

Mini Red called her Dad (my former-husband*) to tell him about this incident to which he replied, "Was Mommy showing cleavage?"

* He asked that I refer to him as my Former Husband or Mini Red's Father because Ex sounds so harsh. I suggested I just refer to him as "My Baby Daddy".