June 13, 2006

The Beginning of Yet Another Week

Today started out rainy and took forever to get to work. As usual I'm thrown into a number of things going on as soon as I walk into the office but all I wanted to do was check on Brico and Tish's weekend. I call it The Blogs of Our Lives, as these two bloggers have met online and started a sweet little romance. I finally get a chance to check and I go see what Brico has to say. I'm so confused… is he kidding? Is he serious? It doesn't seem the weekend has gone all that well. So I immediately go to Tish's to see what she has to say. Things Brico have said have been confirmed. Oh No! I'm concerned about this romance. Wait! I scroll down to find a great post by Tish including pictures. Ok there is hope for these two.

Whoa Whoa Whoa! What is this show? How to Get the Guy. Ok I will write during commercials.
So the rain went away and the sun came out and it stayed a little cool. A few of us walked at lunch and I can't tell you how much I love that. Well, there is one thing I don't like about our walk… The pits get a bit moist and the last thing I want is moist looking pits. I don't really mind if they are moist as long as no one can tell they are moist. e.g. my blouse wet at the pits.

How to Get the Guy: They send these women on mass dates and the best line so far is, "The freak is in the meek and you seem meek to me."
Anyhow, The sun is a sure sign I can pick up my bike today. WooHoo! I borrow Dad's truck and go get the bike. Just as I get in the truck, after getting the bike in the back, my cell phone rings. It's Thom! This is a bit ironic since I'm smack dab in the middle of his hometown (he is now living on the other side of the country). Thom is calling because he read Purging What Plagues Me and he feels bad for me and my lack of available friends. He tells me I can call him anytime to vent. That's really sweet but I hope that isn't pity I hear in your voice Thom. So Mini Red and I get back home and I ride the bike through the parking lot. I don't think I, let alone Mini Red, can wait until tomorrow for some bike riding.

How to Get the Guy: The Rules to get in the game are: eye contact (4 seconds), smile, invade personal space and when in doubt ask a question, e.g. "Do you have the time?"
So Mini Red and I rush back to the folks and get her bike. We race back home wipe down the bike pump up her tires, put on our sneakers and we went out for our first bike ride through my old neighborhood. We had so much fun.

At this point its 8pm and we still have a few errands to run. We get gas in the car and I decide to treat her to a Chipwich so we stop at the CVS. As I pull into the parking lot I see IT. I'm debating if I should point IT out to Mini Red. Hmmmmm?
Red: "Did you see that?"

Mini Red: "What?"

Red: "The dude in the half shirt and pink mini skirt."

Mini Red: "Where?"

Red: "On The bike smoking a cigarette."

I park the car and Mini Red is looking all around. I warn her to be careful when she looks as not to offend. We get out of the car as he rides his bike past us. The look on Mini Red's face is priceless because she has never seen such a thing.

CVS is out of Chipwiches and Mini Red wants to go to the 7-11 in the opposite direction of home. I ask for a good reason to go in that direction rather than the 7-11 on the way home. She says, "To see the guy in the skirt again!" But this isn't a good enough reason so we stop at the 7-11 closer to home and I let her run in on her own.

I watch her make the purchase and as she leaves the store I see this FREAK in the store CHECK OUT MY 11 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!

THAT'S IT! She's going in a bubble for the rest of her life because this is giving me heart palpitations.